Cardano (ADA) Founder Triggers Rally for a New Memecoin, Filecoin (FIL) Holders Flee to Rollblock (RBLK) for Massive Returns


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Just a while ago, the founder of Cardano (ADA), Charles Hoskinson, uploaded a photo of a pig on social media, which led to a 10,000% meme coin. At the same time, Filecoin (FIL) went through a major dip as traders left for Rollblock (RBLK) a Stage 3 presale phenomenon. Many analysts have pegged this rookie as the next $0.5 token and the best new crypto to invest in.

Cardano (ADA): Charles Hoskinson Sparks Memecoin Frenzy

Recently, Cardano (ADA) has been making major headlines. Notably, its founder, Charles Hoskinson, posted a picture of his pet pig, Nike. This led to the creation of a new meme coin named NIKE, which saw a growth of 10,000% quickly. Thanks to this development, interest in the Cardano coin is also rising.

The Cardano value movement has surged over 50% on the YTD chart. Additionally, over six technical indicators are now showing buy signals for this crypto. Due to all this Cardano news and indicators, experts foresee ADA trading at $0.55 before the end of Q2 2024. This makes Cardano a good crypto to buy.

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Filecoin (FIL): On a Downtrend

Meanwhile, Filecoin (FIL) has been experiencing some volatility recently. According to CoinMarketCap data, the Filecoin price fell nearly 20% on the 1-month chart but has soared by 20% in the past year. Crypto analyst Planformo also remains bullish for one of the top crypto coins. In his X post, he states that the next targets for FIL are $6.67, $8.65 and $11.98.

The technical analysis of the Filecoin crypto shows some bearish signals as it trades below its 50 and 100-day EMAs. Due to all these reasons, experts have made a conservative Filecoin price prediction. They predict a slight jump to $5 within Q2 of 2024 for FIL.

Rollblock (RBLK): The Best Crypto To Invest in Now

Rollblock (RBLK) is becoming popular for traders who want to make money in the long run. It offers real use through its revolutionary GambleFi protocol, which aims to dominate the $540B online gambling industry. This protocol uses blockchain technology to create a safe and transparent online gambling platform.

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For example, all transactions or bets made on Rollblock are recorded on a permanent ledger. Therefore, Rollblock provides transparency and fairness that cannot be altered at any point, hence creating trust among its users. Rollblock also focuses on privacy by removing sign-up KYC checks—a big advantage over platforms like Roobet or Stake.

Rollblock has also designed a unique revenue-sharing model where they set aside 30% of the weekly profits to buy back RBLK tokens off the open market. Afterward, half of these are burned while the other are used as staking rewards to encourage long-term holding of RBLK. This makes RBLK the best crypto investment for passive income.

The RBLK price now sits at $0.014 since it is in Stage 3 of its presale. Those who bought it early on are enjoying a 40% ROI. Anyone who wishes to earn $20,000 of RBLK can join its Discord and try to guess Euro 2024 match scores. Demand is so high that experts predict a potential surge to $0.5 for RBLK in Q3 of 2024 once a Tier-1 CEX lists it.

Will Rollblock Outcompete Cardano and Filecoin?

While Cardano and Filecoin continue to be good cryptos to watch, Rollblock is emerging as a standout token. It has a lower market cap and ties to the online gambling industry, which is projected to reach $744B by 2028. Therefore, RBLK will remain more stable and soar higher than its peers, making it the best cryptocurrency to buy.

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