Cardano and TRON Enthusiasts Make Strategic Moves to DeeStream, Banking on Dominating Streaming


Cardano and TRON are among the leading altcoins in 2024, with both tokens showing flashes of their potential earlier in the first quarter of the year. Both tokens notably surged to yearly highs—but as expected, nowhere close to hitting their previous all-time highs. ADA and TRX, after all, have tens of billions in market capitalization. This SEVERELY caps their potential to pump in the next cycle. However, all is not lost—some 100x gems are hiding in plain sight.

One is DeeStream, which is launching stage 2 of its much-awaited presale. With tokens at just $0.066 in this stage, industry observers believe DeeStream could be one of the biggest gainers of 2024 owing to its value proposition. Cardano and TRON holders are taking notice and joining—here’s why.

Cardano plummets to December 2023 levels until slight recovery

Cardano peaked at $0.77 last March, sparking speculation of ADA hitting $1 when Bitcoin was peaking at $73,750. However, all those hopes became a mountain of dust to ponder over, after ADA bled out all the way to $0.40 by mid-April. All the gains that Cardano made in the first quarter of 2024 went *POOF!* in several weeks, with ADA whales mercilessly dumping their holdings and taking their profit. Since then, however, Cardano has slightly recovered as of press time, trading back at $0.50. Cardano holders that took profit are reinvesting into projects like DeeStream, which has a higher price ceiling than ADA in 2024. 

TRON founder Justin Sun in hot water after SEC files amended complaint

On April 18, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed an amended complaint in the civil suit it filed last year against Sun, Tron, Sun’s BitTorrent network (since rebranded as Rainberry), and some social media influencers. Sun was accused of the unregistered offer and sale of ‘crypto asset securities’ and illegal wash trading of the TRX and BTT tokens, while the influencers were accused of helping him promote his illegal scheme.

New 100x presale gem emerges with DeeStream

DeeStream is making waves in 2024 as the next potential 100x gem—and get this: it’s only in its presale phase. This has caused interested investors to buy into the decentralized video streaming protocol’s highly-touted presale launch. Thus far, DeeStream has sold out stage 1 of its presale token allocation, but it isn’t too late. DeeStream is launching stage 2 of its presale with DST tokens available at just $0.66 per token, representing the perfect opportunity to buy into a potential 100x gem before the rest of the market catches on. 

Having assembled the right team, tokenomics, and value proposition, DeeStream (DST) is well-positioned to become the Web3 version of popular live streaming sites such as YouTube, Kick, Twitch, and TikTok—but without any of their known issues. By utilizing a decentralized architecture and providing content producers with a multitude of options to share, distribute, and sell content through the platform’s native currency, DeeStream (DST) improves the overall streaming experience for users and content creators, giving it tremendous moon potential in the next bull seasonw.

Find out more about DeeStream’s (DST) presale by visiting the website here.

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