Cardano Community Suspects Possible Listing on Gemini


There are suspicions that the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange would likely list Cardano (ADA). This speculation was borne out of the series of events that have taken place in the last few days.

Gemini Publish Cardano Founder’s Article on Cryptopedia

A few weeks ago, Frederick Gregaaard, the CEO of Cardano Foundation, claimed to be working with certain top exchanges to list ADA and other Cardano-based tokens.

Not long after, Gemini published a Cryptopedia article by the Cardano executive. Noteworthy, Cryptopedia was launched by Gemini in 2021 as an educational platform that advances digital asset adoption. In a recent publication, Gregaaard wrote about the basics of Cardano, including its structure, consensus algorithm, programming languages, and Cardano’s road map.

Hoskinson Mock Gemini After Data Breach 

If the suspicions are correct, it would mark a significant milestone for the Cardano ecosystem. For the longest time, Gemini has demonstrated reluctance in listing ADA amongst its available assets, a stance that has frustrated the Cardano community. More so, the frustration led Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson to throw a jab at the Winklevoss brothers’ exchange in 2022 when it experienced a data breach.

Some bad actors attacked the Gemini platform and stole customers’ confidential information. Hoskinson regarded ADA’s absence from the platform as a form of spite on Gemini as a good thing. In addition, the Cardano founder teasingly insinuated that Gemini’s refusal to list the ADA token was linked with the bankruptcy that followed the exchange’s attempt to recover the $900 million worth of users’ deposits from distressed Genesis.

Gemini Lists XRP After Public Feud With Community

It is not likely that Gemini exchange would turn its back on ADA forever, even after Hoskinson’s slam on the exchange. The historic data has shown that cryptocurrency exchanges end up warming up to controversial crypto assets in the long run. Gemini was once in this situation with XRP, which is linked to the Ripple ecosystem.

The Winklevoss brothers and XRP community engaged in a public feud but Gemini still listed the crypto on its platform in August. This was after Judge Analisa Torres ruled in July that the asset was not security, disappointing the long-held opinion of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Hence, ADA and other Cardano-based tokens may stand the chance of getting listed on Gemini.

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