Cardano Fixes Nami Wallet Glitch: What’s Next? Next Cycle’s AI Crypto Leader Identified by Top Analyst


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The Nami Wallet’s recent problem has caught the attention of many people in the cryptocurrency community. This has prompted Charles Hoskinson, the visionary founder of Cardano (ADA), to publicly address the technical glitch experienced by the Nami Wallet. This situation has sparked conversations and raised concerns about Cardano’s strategies to uphold the reliability and trustworthiness of its digital wallet.

Meanwhile, with the Bitcoin (BTC) halving cycle approaching, a top analyst has identified InQubeta (QUBE) as the next potential AI crypto leader. This has led to InQubeta’s optimistic outlook as a project positioned to more than double investors’ portfolios this year. With its aim of bridging the gap between AI startups and investors, InQubeta is among the best altcoins to buy for significant returns.

This article explores why a top analyst identified InQubeta as a potential crypto AI leader amidst the Cardano founder addressing the Nami Wallet glitch.

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InQubeta (QUBE): Facilitating Fractional Investment In AI Startups Appeals To Investors 

InQubeta, the first crypto crowdfunding platform, has witnessed an influx of investors to its platform. As the Bitcoin cycle nears, a renowned analyst has identified InQubeta as the next AI crypto leader due to its facilitation of fractional investment in AI startups through QUBE tokens. QUBE is an ERC20 token with deflationary features operating on the Ethereum blockchain. This new DeFi crypto platform seeks to disrupt how AI startups raise funds and interact with their community.

The deflationary nature of the QUBE token has piqued the interest of investors seeking a top crypto to buy to broaden their portfolio. With this approach, a 2% buy and sell tax directed toward a burning wallet and a 5% tax channeled to a dedicated reward pool allow holders of QUBE to earn rewards by staking their tokens. This feature renders QUBE an enticing investment option for those bullish on the prospects of AI technology startups.

The governance token structure of QUBE boosts why a prominent analyst sees InQubeta as the top crypto to buy for exponential gain. This feature gives QUBE holders a say in the platform’s decisions. With QUBE as the governance token, holders gain the authority to put forth ideas, engage in discussions, and cast votes on matters influencing the platform’s growth, functionality, and future trajectory.

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The integration of NFTs is why InQubeta is recognized as the upcoming AI crypto frontrunner. By minting each investment opportunity into an NFT and fractionalizing it, investors can tailor their investments to fit their budgets while reaping the rewards of being an early supporter. This new DeFi crypto NFT marketplace empowers AI startups to secure funding and issue reward and equity-based NFTs. Also, QUBE token holders enjoy seamless investment opportunities in projects they believe in, fostering a unique ecosystem that benefits all involved.

Cardano (ADA): Charles Hoskinson Addresses Nami ADAHandles Glitch

The Nami Wallet, a crucial part of Cardano’s ecosystem aimed at improving user experience and ensuring smooth transactions, encountered a malfunction recently, disrupting its operations. The glitch, related explicitly to ADAHandles, prompted a swift response from the ADA team. Charles Hoskinson provided details on the issue, mentioning the formation of a dedicated team to investigate its root cause. They discovered a notable delay in fetching ADAHandles, leading to functionality issues with the wallet.

To prevent further issues and protect users’ assets, the team temporarily deactivated ADAHandles in the Nami Wallet. Although this action was drastic, avoiding further complications was necessary while they worked on a permanent fix. Hoskinson’s openness about the situation highlights the ADA team’s dedication to tackling the problem directly and keeping the community updated on progress toward a solution.


The recent glitch in the Nami Wallet put Cardano and its founder, Charles Hoskinson, to the test. Yet, their quick and open response to the problem shows how resilient and committed Cardano is to its community. InQubeta has been identified as a potential crypto AI leader following the next Bitcoin cycle. As one of the best altcoins, InQubeta has captured the hearts of investors with its approach of minting an investment opportunity into an NFT. Don’t miss the chance to be at the forefront of AI innovation with QUBE.

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