Cardano Prepares For Chang Hard Fork in June: Why Is ADA Still Trailing GFOX?


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Cardano shifts focus to its Chang Hardfork for better decentralization. 

Enterprise blockchains offer decentralization and utility for developers.

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The Galaxy Fox game also deploys decentralized governance for its users.

Cardano looks to complete its Chang Hardfork in June 2024. This upgrade intends to ensure the network operates more like a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and lives up to its decentralized ideals. 

Decentralization is a core aspect of blockchain governance. This trait is what distinguishes the technology from traditional finance which had a top-down approach. Cardano looks to leverage its robust governance, security, and architecture to compete more favorably with Ethereum. 

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Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) also launched its decentralized play-to-earn gaming platform in May. The meme coin token was listed on Uniswap in April on the back of a strong presale and is looking to be one of the best projects of the year.

Cardano To Complete The Chang Hard Fork

The Cardano blockchain is set to take the final leap toward becoming a DAO by implementing the Chang Hardfork. The project currently relies on a firm called Input Output Global for management and will take this step to achieve its decentralized vision. 

Founder Charles Hoskinson expects that the hard fork will happen in June. This event will propel Cardano into its Voltaire age which places the community in charge of governance. 

Cardano launched as one of the most exciting projects in the crypto landscape. Hoskinson was one of the Ethereum founders and intended to create a better project. His vision for Cardano was for a research-driven and secure enterprise blockchain. The blockchain has gone through different “eras” as the project vision. 

Cardano proponents anticipate that this evolution should give the project more credibility with developers. For all its scalability challenges, Ethereum has remained the dominant smart contract blockchain. Cardano faces a critical few weeks in determining its future. 

$GFOX To Surpass ADA?

Even as Cardano navigates its crucial phase, utility meme coin Galaxy Fox is surging. This play-to-earn gaming platform is a turning point for meme coin development and investors are responding to its bold approach. 

Galaxy Fox launched its exciting game on May 18, 2024 and continues to add exciting features for its users. The game features battles with the theme of digital fox characters for various rewards.

Gaming is a rapidly growing aspect of blockchain development. The nexus of high-tech gaming and tokenized rewards creates a valuable platform for gaming enthusiasts. Galaxy Fox looks to build on the progress of exciting blockchain games in the sector. 

$GFOX stands out from existing memecoins because of this utility. It is not one-dimensional like memecoins that live and die by the meme concept. Instead, it looks to leverage the utility the game provides to ensure that users continue to derive value from the platform regardless of the prevailing market trends.

Additionally, players can benefit from NFT collectibles and staking opportunities on the platform. Staking involves contributing the requisite amount of tokens to facilitate platform exchange and governance functions. This level of sophistication and vision could propel $GFOX to heights ADA is yet to reach. 

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Cardano enters its Voltaire era with plenty to prove. This project must surpass other “Ethereum killers” like Solana to challenge the ultimate titan. The core team hopes this launch will kickstart a golden era for the project. 

$GFOX is keen to make the most of its strong launch. This meme coin should become one of the best projects to launch in 2024.

Visit the Galaxy Fox website today to learn more about the project. 

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