Cardano’s Developmental Strides; Rising Confidence in The Graph and InQubeta

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Cardano reiterated the developer-friendly status of its open-source blockchain with its recent developmental strides. Based on a peer-reviewed methodology, Cardano can power innovative dApps with remarkable scalability.

Apart from Cardano, the other altcoins that have been making waves are InQubeta (QUBE) and The Graph (GRT). They have trumped competition to carve a niche for themselves in a packed sector. 

While The Graph is an indexing protocol, InQubeta is a crowdfunding service for startups working with AI. InQubeta also has the distinction of being one of the best new ICOs of the year. Currently, its presale funding stands at $8.5 million. 

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InQubeta: Building new growth models for AI startups

InQubeta is a new-age cryptocurrency that aims to empower startups in the AI sector. The platform uses the efficiency of the Ethereum network to create a user-friendly platform that can meet a startup’s business development needs.

To ensure seamless payments, the platform has a native cryptocurrency called the QUBE token. Apart from having a deflationary model, the top altcoin supports the platform’s governance structure. The token holders shoulder the responsibility of allowing only those protocol changes that can improve its scope. Any suggestion for an upgrade or new feature is put to a vote where token holders use their voting privileges to determine the outcome.    

Using the token, holders can earn cryptocurrencies by staking it. When an asset is staked, it’s used to support the platform’s growth and maintain liquidity levels. The locked assets will continue to fetch rewards for as long as the owner wants. These rewards are given out from a separate pool that’s financed by tax collections.   

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To connect with investors, startups submit offers that are tokenized into NFTs and sold at an online marketplace. The NFTs hold all the information that an investor needs to know more about a startup or its AI project. The model allows even fractional investment but all purchases need to be in terms of the QUBE token.

However, a startup’s journey at InQubeta continues after funding. These enterprises can seek a range of business development services on the platform and scale ahead. They can interact with experienced professionals and find mentors, get accounting support when faced with a financial or legal problem, and grow their network to spread awareness about their brand.

QUBE’s huge presale success has demonstrated the users’ faith in this upcoming AI-oriented platform. Backed by innovative use cases, InQubeta might emerge as a top cryptocurrency in the long term. 

Cardano smart contract activity reaches new high

Cardano is a public blockchain that is powered by the Ouroboros protocol and supports cutting-edge dApps. Its native token ADA supports all transactions on the blockchain. These transactions are validated with the proof-of-stake consensus protocol.

Cardano is among the few tokens that were able to grow despite the unfavorable investor sentiment post BTC ETFs. In the wake of the rising developer interest in the token, market experts believe it is likely to extend its bull rally 

Cardano recently unlocked a new milestone with a significant surge in its smart contract activity. On January 25, 2024, activity on Cardano’s V1 and V2 Plutus smart contracts crossed 24,050. 

The Graph to support the Blast network

The Graph is an indexing protocol that is used for arranging blockchain data. Hailed as one of the best cryptos available in today’s market, it enables developers to build dApps using its indexing infrastructure and parsing through raw data. 

Its native token GRT is the mode of payment on the network.

The Graph has been in the news due to its bullish movement. Going by market trends, analysts suggest that it might be a good time for GRT users to accumulate their holdings. 

The Graph team recently announced that the network will now support Blast, which is a Layer 2 network with native yield. With the move, developers can now leverage subgraphs for quicker and more secure access to Blast testnet data. 


The Graph, InQubeta, and Cardano are among the top crypts to invest in and have a proven track record of strong growth.

These cryptocurrencies have utility-centric models that prioritize seamless user journeys. With their top-notch security frameworks, they ensure that crypto users’ assets are safe and the platform’s decentralization is not compromised. 

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