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Bitcoin vs DeFi – Decentralized finance, or DeFi, has come a long way this year. Bitcoin has also made a remarkable recovery from the depths of crypto winter this time a year ago. But which one would be better for long-term gains? BITCOIN vs DEFI For the uninitiated DeFi is the system of staking crypto […]

Crypto Adoption – Canada’s largest bank, The Royal Bank of Canada having over $965 billion in total assets could soon launch a crypto trading platform. Will RBC Soon offer Crypto Accounts? As per reports, by leading media, The Logic, RBC has applied for four patents in Canada and the US – a hint enough to […]

For many years, crypto enthusiasts and financial experts alike have been advocating that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will only reach mainstream appeal when people are able to use them in daily life using Crypto payment solutions. Now, with more and more online and brick-and-mortar-stores accepting Bitcoin and Crypto payment solutions, it seems that this scenario […]

The increasing competition among, P2P Lending platforms, stablecoins, derivatives, and cross-chain CDPs indicates a new era in fintech innovation. Decentralized finance’s (DeFi) meteoric rise has been accompanied by a slew of advances in financial technology, sparking a wave of P2P lending protocols and liquidity pools. The increasing competition of borrowing/lending, stablecoins, derivatives, and even cross-chain […]

In this week’s selected Turkey Crypto News – and blockchain-related news from Turkey Crypto News, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan directed the government to finish testing a national central bank digital currency (CBDC) next year and a fraud saw up to 40 people losing 600 Bitcoins (BTC) — equivalent to roughly $5.2 million. Turkey Crypto News […]

The past week has marked a number of crypto – and blockchain-related developments in the German Crypto News world. Malta Enterprise partnered with Deutsche Telekom‘s IT service subsidiary to offer its blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) marketplace, French IT company Atos and Austrian startup Smart Digital proposed industrial plant inspections using blockchain, and the German Federal Financial Supervisory […]

In this week’s selected Japan Crypto News November 2-9 – and blockchain-related news from Japan Crypto News, the Japanese financial regulator solidifies its policy of banning trusts that invest in crypto, more than 20 companies launch a consortium that aims to raise funds with security tokens, and Coincheck starts its automated cryptocurrency accumulation service, while […]

Whereas climate scientists want more people to eat greener, that vision might not be viable because of Financial Inequality. The cheapest way of living on a green diet is still too expensive for 20% of the world’s population. It is well-known how most humans are actively contributing to the climate change problems through their eating […]

Bitcoin and blockchain technology is quickly spreading across all industries with special interest by financial firms in emerging technology. A recent report shows close to half of all professionals in the financial professionals and industry believe Bitcoin (BTC) will outperform the S&P 500 in the next year. Furthermore, traditional finance professionals say illicit activities and […]

Uber Stock has released reports for its third quarter which, unsurprisingly, still records significant losses. Apart from the popularity of its ride-hailing services, Uber is also very well-known as a market player all over the world and especially in the finance sphere for its continuous and rising loss over the years. Recently the company announced […]

Malta-based Exchange Binance is looking to open an office in Beijing city of China. Binance originally started out in china but later moved its operations to Malta because of strict regulatory issues. Recently, Chinese President Xi Jinping endorsed blockchain technology in his speech as he urged the country to take the lead role in the […]

U.S-based stock and crypto investing app, Robinhood BitLicense holder, is on an expansion spree. According to its latest announcement, the platform is all set to expand its crypto-trading services to the U.S states of Delaware, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Vermont. The company was in the news yesterday after it announced the recruitment […]

Charles Schwab Brokerage, a San Francisco-based bank and stock brokerage company, has announced they will allow their clients to buy and sell fractions of stocks. The initiative aims at attracting the interest of young investors to Charles Schwab and makes it the first online brokerage that offers its customers such an opportunity. The announcement follows […]

Leaks within the Bank of Canada show officials are considering the development of a national cryptocurrency. As such, with interest in central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) on the rise, could it threaten bitcoin? Bank of Canada National Cryptocurrency Mike Eppel, Senior Business Editor at 680 News, has revealed that Canada’s central bank is considering the […]

CME Group, the Chicago-based exchange operator, said its bitcoin futures contracts grew in popularity from big investors last quarter, with the number of open contracts up 61 percent from a year earlier because of growing demand from institutional investors. Open interest, or the number of outstanding positions, rose to 4,629 contracts, up from 2,873 in […]

Grayscale Investments, New York-based digital asset management fund has received regulatory approval to publicly quote the shares of its diversified cryptocurrency fund. Grayscale Investments First publicly-quoted diversified crypto fund Grayscale Investments was approved by the United States Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) to publicly quote its Grayscale Digital Large Cap Fund (GDLCF) on over-the-counter (OTC) […]

A 150-year-old English church is being sold for $1.5 million with the vendor accepting payment in Bitcoin (BTC). Real Estate Bitcoin Market Real Estate Vendor is willing to receive payment in Bitcoin According to a listing on Rightmove, a major British online real estate portal and property website, a vendor put an 18th-century church converted […]

The world’s biggest economies are assessing stablecoins as a potential risk to the global financial system, according to a statement from the Financial Stability Board (FSB). In a letter to G20 finance ministers and central bank governors on Sunday, the FSB’s chair Randal Quarles said the G7 working group is delivering an assessment report on […]

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