Chainlink vs. Arbitrum Showdown Escalates as Meme Moguls’ Presale Surpasses $1M

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The defi market is heating up as Chainlink (LINK) and Arbitrum (ARB) continue battling for dominance. Meanwhile, the rise of Meme Moguls (MGLS) has taken center stage as it has already raised over $1 million in stage 3 of its presale.

Chainlink price prediction

Crypto analyst Ali Martinez notes a bullish trend in Chainlink as whales acquire nearly 7 million LINK weekly, signaling increased confidence.

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LINK prices rose from $15.37 on Dec. 22 to $16.09 on Dec. 29. Presently, 26 technical indicators are bullish on the token.

Analysts say LINK could surge to $20.83 by the end of January 2024.

How high can Arbitrum go?

Analyst Michaël van de Poppe notes that if ARB remains above the $1.40-1.45 level, it could rise to $2.

ARB rose from $1.36 on Dec. 22 to $1.52 on Dec. 29.

With 23 bullish technical indicators and a Fear & Greed index at 65 (Greed), analysts say ARB could reach $1.69 by the end of January 2024.

Exploring Meme Moguls  

Meme Moguls is making news as its presale has raised $1 million already in stage 3.

The platform will create a unique play-to-earn game for learning about investing and building wealth.

Players get a starting portfolio of $100,000 in virtual funds to complete trading challenges and missions to earn actual returns.

There are also tournaments to compete against others.

MGLS powers the platform as the primary in-game currency and governance token, giving it utility beyond hype.

It’s currently valued at $0.0025, up 31% from the initial price.

Owning MGLS provides perks like governance rights and staking rewards.

With its utility token and features, Meme Moguls could dominate the meme industry, which is forecasted to be a $6.1 billion market by 2025.

Experts forecast MGLS to reach $0.19 in 2024.

Presale participants also receive a 15% deposit bonus.


Amid bullish sentiments for Chainlink and Arbitrum, Meme Moguls appears to be a dark horse in crypto.

With a current market cap of $7.5 million, significantly lower than LINK ($9 billion) and ARB ($1.9 billion), MGLS only needs $7.5 million to double.


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