Coin Showdown: Can WIF And WEN Be Outperformed in Race To 100x?

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Dogwifhat ($WIF) is a Solana-based memecoin that launched in December 2023. Although it is not backed by any real utility, WIF has conveniently ridden on market speculation to reach impressive price levels over the past few weeks.

The coin became popular for its listing on KuCoin in January, 2024. Since then, more investors and crypto analysts have taken interest in the coin. $WIF has a current market cap of over $330 million.

As per its price potential, $WIF has displayed fluctuating price levels since its launch. As of December 2023, WIF was $0.1592 per token. It reached an all-time high of $0.4162 on January 18, before dropping to $0.3448 the next day.

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Despite its price volatility, analysts have forecasted a range of price potentials for WIF in 2024. From $0.2798 to $1.02, Analysts have no clear consensus on how far the $WIF coin can go. With such uncertainty, it’s difficult to determine the price of the reasonably new $WIF coin in 2024. Its small market cap further restricts the forecast of a price potential.


$WEN’s 2024 Outlook

$WEN is the latest Solana-based meme coin, which gained popularity over the ecosystem’s three-day airdrop initiative. This concept of free tokens to over a million Solana holders drew a lot of attention in the crypto community, further increasing Jupiter’s price and trading volume.

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With less than a 7-day price chat, $WEN’s price is characterized by significant fluctuations. On January 27, $WEN launched at $0.00004 per token. Within 48 hours, the coin peaked at $0.00018. While investors still had high hopes about the new coin, its price dwindled to $0.0015, a whopping 18% drop from the all-time high on February 1.

With its limited price charts, analysts have been careful not to make any price or performance predictions. $WEN’s creators burnt the percentage of $WEN tokens that were unclaimed at the time the airdrop closed on January 29, 2024, to reduce supply, increase demand, and subsequently, price. However, this action has only heightened the volatility of $WEN’s price and reduced investors’ confidence.

$GFOX Performance in 2024

Galaxy Fox has earned a reputation in the niche of meme coins and play-to-earn (P2E) tokens. The coin offers investors a unique opportunity to be token holders and earn passive income by staking, P2E gaming, and $GFOX token utilization.

With Galaxy Fox’s Web3 endless runner game, players can earn $GFOX tokens based on their in-game prowess. The top 20% of players each season will receive rewards that they can exchange for $GFOX. This is an opportunity for players to hone their gaming skills and make good profits while at it.

Galaxy Fox is also making waves in NFT creation. According to the coin’s whitepaper, its creators plan to release 3,000 NFTs during its presale. Investors can mint these NFTs directly from the Galaxy Fox website and trade them on OpenSea.

As a community-focused project, 2% of every transaction is added to Galaxy Fox Stargate. This further reinforces the coin’s community engagement and the popularity of the $GFOX token across social media platforms.

With its impressive offers, many analysts have speculated that $GFOX will turn early investors’ $100 into $10,000 by December 2024. The coin has crossed its $3 million sales mark in a matter of weeks, further increasing speculations that its price will cross 100x its pre-launch price in a few months.

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Final Thoughts

Dogwifhat’s 2024 price forecast from Analysts ranges from $0.2798 to $1.02. This wide disparity fuels uncertainty about the coin. Similarly, $WEN’s  unexpected launch and drastic price fluctuations are major concerns for investors. As a rule of thumb, viable investments in the crypto market are a product of a loyal community of holders and credible price forecasts.

Despite the inconsistencies with $WIF and $WEN, investors have shown confidence in Galaxy Fox ($GFOX). As the 2024’s top 100x memecoin, $GFOX is heading towards $5 million. This play-to-earn token, is the next big thing in the ICO space. If you want 100x your investment, now is a good time to buy $GFOX.

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