Coinbase Bounces Back After System Outage


Coinbase, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange and wallet platform, successfully restored its services following a substantial system outage that commenced at 4:15 am on Tuesday, resulting in hours of disruption. According to the exchange on X, the outage caused significant disruptions for users attempting to trade or access their accounts, although the exchange did everything it could to restore normalcy. 

Coinbase Transparent Communication and Swift Action

A few hours into the system outage, the exchange announced on X that it had fully recovered, appreciated its users’ patience and apologized for the inconvenience.

Despite this recovery, the cryptocurrency exchange is still encountering degraded performance issues, specifically for the exchange’s mobile application and website. However, Coinbase’s services, including its wallet, payments, and API are fully operational.

The tweet also revealed that the American cryptocurrency exchange is working to ascertain the specific cause of the outage, and assured its users’ funds were safe. Meanwhile, some of the exchange’s users uploaded screenshots of the Coinbase app revealing that the exchange was referred to as “planned maintenance.” 

Some others complained that the outage prevented them from selling any of their assets. However, the messages from the exchange did not reflect what happened as planned.

Ongoing Monitoring of the Coinbase Outage

As engineers diligently work to identify and address the outage’s root cause, Coinbase’s stakeholders remain vigilant, closely monitoring developments and awaiting further updates.

Despite the disruption, the incident underscores the inherent challenges and vulnerabilities faced by digital asset exchanges, particularly those experiencing rapid growth and increased demand. The surge in cryptocurrency trading activity has placed substantial strain on platforms like Coinbase, necessitating robust infrastructure and contingency plans to mitigate potential disruptions.

Bitfinex Also Experienced Outage

In February, Bitfinex, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, successfully resolved an outage that temporarily disrupted trading activities on its platform. The issue was unlike the minor information security attack it suffered in November 2023 when a hacker targeted a Bitfinex customer support agent between October 30 and November 5 and managed to obtain only incomplete and outdated information.

To compensate for the technical disruption, the exchange further announced its intention to resume its operations in view-only mode. The aim was to allow users to have the option to cancel orders up to five minutes before trading resumed.

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