Coinbase’s 90% Share in Bitcoin ETF Assets; Injective Rival Anticipates Significant Uplift for Next Bullrun


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The rollout of spot Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded funds has changed the fortunes of not only the BTC token but also the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. The exchange’s CEO Brian Armstrong recently stated that Coinbase is the custodian of around 90% of the $37 billion assets that are held by the BTC ETFs. 

Armstrong also highlighted that the success of ETFs reflected how traditional finance was warming up to these blockchain-powered assets.

On January 10, 11 BTC ETFs opened in the US after a long wait due to regulatory approvals. More than a month since their launch, the investor sentiment post BTC ETF has remained strong and analysts don’t see it dying down anytime soon.

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The market optimism seems to be rubbing off on the altcoin sector too which has been abuzz due to cryptos like InQubeta’s (QUBE) presale success. The Ethereum-based crypto project helps AI startups with crowdfunding and expanding their business models. The cryptocurrency is now being pitted against top names like Injective (INJ). 

InQubeta: Helping AI startups become financially stronger

InQubeta is an Ethereum-based ecosystem where startups can access a variety of business development services for their AI projects. It has released a native cryptocurrency, the QUBE token, which determines all payments and is used for accessing these services. 

QUBE is among the best cryptos that you will find today as it can keep your portfolio intact when markets aren’t in a good condition. Whenever the market is in duress or inflation spikes, the token’s deflationary model reduces its supply. 

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The combined effect of a scarce supply and abundant demand helps the asset trade at competitive prices and stay stable. The relative immunity that the QUBE token enjoys is in contrast to mainstream asset categories which tend to flounder in unfavorable conditions.

As its presale just passed the $10 million mark, it’s being called one of the best new ICOs of the year. 

InQubeta onboards startups after a screening process to check how well they fare against its vision. These startups submit investment offers for crypto users which are used for minting NFTs. 

The tokenized assets are then sold at the NFT marketplace. The transparency of the portal and facilities like fractional investment are drawing crypto users to InQubeta. 

After fundraising, the top altcoin helps startups strategize for the next phase of growth. They can start by finding a mentor to guide them. InQubeta puts startup teams in touch with veterans from the AI sector who can share valuable insights about the industry. 

Next, innovators can tackle finance or law-related queries by connecting with InQubeta’s team of accounting experts.

The InQubeta platform also assists startups in brand outreach and growing their network. They can boost their online presence through InQubeta’s social media channels.

Bitcoin market cap crosses $1 trillion again

Bitcoin is the oldest cryptocurrency in the world. Its native token BTC is used for fast-paced online transactions globally. The BTC token has been hitting the headlines due to the success of BTC ETFs in the US. 

Recently, crypto exchange Coinbase announced that it is the custodian of 90% of the assets held under Bitcoin ETFs.

Riding high after the success of these ETFs, Bitcoin’s market capitalization crossed $1 trillion again, as per reports. The last time Bitcoin had hit the coveted mark was in 2021.

Injective-based SocialFi dApp xNINJA live on mainnet

Injective is a Layer 1 blockchain that supports high-performance and scalable dApps for finance. Its native token is INJ and it’s used for all transactional purposes on the network. 

The platform has multi-chain capabilities and it leverages the CosmWasm smart contracts layer for faster deployment of dApps.

In a recent development, SocialFi dApp xNINJA announced that it was now live on the Injective mainnet. 

Crypto users can use the dApp to train their Ninjas and participate in games with them to earn crypto rewards.


Bitcoin, Injective, and InQubeta are top cryptos to invest in which can also diversify a portfolio. Analysts are smitten by these tokens as they have clocked consistent growth and seem to be most suited for leading the next bull crypto rally. 

With their future-ready code architecture, these tokens can keep up with the advancements in the blockchain industry while still offering user-friendly solutions. 

The robust security features of these ecosystems are a key reason why people trust these tokens. The tokens’ security frameworks are in sync with industry standards and are regularly vetted by blockchain audit companies.

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