COMPARISON: Lido DAO, Uniswap, and RCOF Endure Crypto Market Crash, 3 Key Reasons Why They Will Go Higher


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The crypto market is in price reversal mode, although some tokens seemed unaffected by the bearish waves. Lido DAO (LDO) has been on an upward trend for the long term, and Uniswap’s price defies the SEC’s recent legal actions.

RCO Finance (RCOF) will join the top altcoins at the top of the charts, too, as its presale is offering 3000% profits. However, presale profits are not all there is to the new DeFi project. Read on for more.

First, let’s see what’s keeping LDO and UNI afloat.

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Lido Dao Maintains a Stable Outlook Despite Market Fluctuations

While other tokens dipped considerably after Bitcoin’s decline, Lido DAO kept its long-term uptrend alive. The token has shown about 14% gains in the past month, reflecting significant resilience to the bearish market. 

Lido DAO boasts one of the market’s most popular staking protocols, contributing to its relatively high total value locked (TVL). A consistently high TVL makes for more stable price movements, insulating the LDO price against most market actions.

Of course, Lido DAO experienced bearish pressure over the past two weeks, but its recovery from the sell-off is quicker than that of most other DeFi projects. Long-term LDO traders are in for a treat soon.

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Trade up in the Crypto Market With RCOF!

With RCO Finance, you get both the bull-run profits you’re hoping for and a platform to stay in the green, whether the market is bullish or not. It’s a paradise for traders all over the crypto market, resulting from intensive market research and cutting-edge technology.

For starters, the project spots a Robo Advisor that offers data-backed insights and tips. Sometimes, traders lose money to emotion-driven, or worse still, uneducated tradidng decisions. The Robo Advisor draws from historical data and recent trends to predict the best moves. Say you wanted to buy Amazon stocks (AMZN), the Robo Advisor studies AMZN’s recent performances and activities to guide you on whether to buy, hodl or sell.

Also, there are about 120,000 trading assets to choose from, and they cut across various trading instruments. Bored of trading just crypto tokens? RCO Finance offers you a chance to try your hand at other trading instruments, from shares to Forex and even the recently approved Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs).

In addition to the variety of assets to choose from, trading on RCO Finance has no regional restrictions. The entire decentralized space is open to you, regardless of your location. Plus, there’s no need for KYC verification–the platform is decentralized. So you can trade anonymously and privately. And with its audited smart contract guaranteeing maximum security; the crypto market is yours to explore.

With RCO Finance set for long-term gains, why not try for some short-term gains yourself?

Uniswap: Development Has Paid off for the Uni Ecosystem

Uniswap’s price surged to the top of the gainers list last week, as the exchange activity on the UNI network has ensured a bullish outlook for the token. Uniswap is currently the 17th largest crypto in the market and has been running through milestones lately, especially on the L2 networks.

Uniswap recently posted about the growth in its L2 traded volume, indicating its increased popularity among traders on L2 and the DeFi space. It took Uniswap 22 months to reach $100 billion in trading volume and another ten months to reach $200 billion. In about three months from then, Uniswap has crossed the $300 billion trading volume milestone for just L2 blockchains.

Users have favored the L2 chains for their speed and scalability, and Uniswap directly benefits from all that trading traffic. Uniswap closed last week’s trading with 17% weekly gains, and the traders look forward to even bigger gains soon.

LDO and Uniswap have shown some resilience against the market’s waves, and the new DeFi project RCO Finance is one other DeFi coin you can bank on for more of the same resilience.

Here’s what the new DeFi coin is offering.

The RCOF Presale Is On

RCO Finance will leverage its platform development to sustain the bullish streaks, but the presale is offering more profits than you could have guessed.

3000% profits before the tokens even launch, and all for $0.0127 each as Stage 1 of presale is still on. RCO Finance is redefining DeFi trading, and now’s the best time to get in!

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