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There are over 20,000 cryptocurrencies in existence today, although some are either inactive or discontinued. The probability of many projects making it to mainstream media gradually reduces by the day, and the only hope some projects have to break out is through innovation and disruption. Three projects that have carved a name for themselves in the crypto space are Algotech (ALGT), Ripple (XRP), and (FET). Each one brings a unique value proposition and varying risk and reward to the table, making them points of attraction to investors. Let’s look into these projects and consider how they are fairing.

Backgrounds and Use Cases

Launched in late 2023, Algotech (ALGT) was built by a team of professionals in finance, algorithmic trading, and blockchain development to provide an advanced decentralized algorithmic crypto trading platform that democratizes algorithmic trading to retail investors. Through their platform, Algotech aims to equip all traders with sophisticated trading tools and strategies that open new heights of financial prosperity to the general crypto market.

The oldest of the three, Ripple (XRP), was launched in 2012 as a disruptive force in the world of cross-border payment. Before Ripple, people had to rely on traditional financial systems like SWIFT to facilitate cross-border payments, which were quite expensive and time-consuming. Ripple introduced a faster and cheaper means of transacting cross-border through its native XRP token and created a major shift in the world of decentralized finance., launched in 2017, is a very high-risk investment option for investors due to its high ambitions. The stellar project aims to revolutionize the way machines interact and exchange data in an age of artificial intelligence. The platform’s focus is broken down into building an open AI network, facilitating the Economy of Things (EoT), and decentralizing AI technology, making it more accessible to retail businesses and persons. 

Current Status and Partnerships 

Algotech (ALGT) is currently in stage 2 of its ALGT presale after two successful rounds of investments – a private seed-raising round and stage 1 presale, generating over $1.1m and $1.7m, respectively. For a budding project, Algotech can already boast partnerships with Ethereum, Trezor, Uniswap, Metamask, Trust Wallet, and Cointelegraph, among others. 

Ripple is currently in a headlock with the U.S. SEC in an ongoing lawsuit trying to classify XRP as a security. This lawsuit has been going on for a while now, causing a lot of uncertainty around the cross-border payment pioneer. Investors’ confidence is currently low but simmers of hope remain as a court hearing will happen soon. Despite all this, Ripple has a very robust partnership with big players in the finance space like Moneygram, Santander, Standard Chartered, American Express, Ria Money, etc. is in a stage of development and community building. The project has made progress in areas like creating various AI agents to handle different tasks and interoperability with other blockchain platforms. has a partnership and integration list that boosts investors’ confidence. Integrations with major platforms like Yahoo Finance, WhatsApp, Slack, Skyscanner, Discord, etc., and major partnerships with powerful AI companies like Bosch and Deutsche Telekom. 

To learn more about Algotech’s ongoing presale, click here. 

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