$CZOLANA Meme Honors Former Binance CEO CZ; $GFOX The Next 100X Crypto?


Changpeng Zhao (CZ), the founder of Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange platform, has received widespread support from the crypto community ever since his legal tussle with the United States government began. Notably, the Solana meme community created a meme token called $CZOL in his honor to shed light on his immense contribution to the crypto industry, as he remains unable to leave the the US until his sentencing. 

Meanwhile, Galaxy Fox‘s native token, $GFOX, continues to generate hype among investors as it nears its launch into the retail market. Interestingly, several crypto experts have also predicted that the meme token will rally by 100-fold by its launch on exchange platforms.

$CZOLANA Community Rallies Behind CZ Amid Legal Challenges

$CZOL is the community-driven meme token built on the Solana network to support Changpeng Zhao, a prominent figure in the industry widely known for building the largest crypto exchange in the world.

CZ, as he is popularly known, has been facing legal challenges for the past months and will be sentenced on April 30. As a result, the Solana meme community has decided to support him by creating the $CZOL token. The hashtag ‘#cryptosupportCZ’ has also been trending on social media ever since.

While celebrating CZ and his achievements in the industry, the community has also moved to create value for $CZOL token by creating a bot called ‘CZOL Trending,’ a powerful marketing tool that will be made available to other token projects at a minimal fee. The funds generated from these will be used to buy back $CZOL tokens and burned afterward to increase their scarcity and value.

$CZOL is rapidly gaining interest among enthusiasts in the industry, and a testament to this is that it has become one of the most visited tokens on CoinMarketCap. Moreover, its price has been up by over 300% since March’s beginning, and it’s currently listed on crypto exchange platforms like Lbank and Toobi. 

$GFOX: New Play-to-Earn Crypto with Staking and NFTs Poised for 100x Gains

$GFOX is the token founded on the Ethereum blockchain that has attracted numerous investors with its great utility, which cuts across various segments of the crypto world, thereby giving investors multiple avenues to earn passive income. Currently valued at $0.00364 in its final presale stage, the token has shown potential for success through its outstanding performance in its presales journey. As a result, many investors are now optimistic about its potential to outperform most meme tokens by the time it enters the retail market.

One of the reasons investors are so interested in the Galaxy Fox project is how it seeks to revolutionize the play-to-earn landscape with its popular web3 game, which rewards players with $GFOX tokens if they achieve top performance. The web3 game also allows the purchase of NFTs, which come with various characteristics, weaknesses, and strengths to add variety to the gameplay. It also allows the purchase of boosters of various abilities with $GFOX tokens to maintain the game’s competitiveness. 

The NFT landscape will also feel the impact of Galaxy Fox as it plans to launch 3000 unique NFTs and also a marketplace where those NFTs can be traded. Anyone interested in obtaining these NFTs will be able to mint them on the platform’s official website.

The platform rewards long-term token holders for their loyalty by allowing them to stake their tokens and then receive a proportional share of the reward after a period of time from Stargate, the platform’s central hub for distributing staked rewards. This Stargate will never run out of rewards because it is usually replenished by the addition of 2% of the value of all transactions within the Galaxy Fox’s ecosystem.



As the CZOLANA community continues to celebrate CZ’s contribution and support him amid his legal challenges, the $CZOL token will continue to gain popularity in the market. Similarly, $GFOX’s great utility, presale success, and unmatched features will continue to make it one of the most valued meme tokens. Unsurprisingly, it is also poised for a 100-fold increase after launch.

Buy $GFOX tokens today and get a 15% discount. Visit the website to get started and join the community on Telegram for more updates.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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