DApps Thrive as Bitcoin Hits Q1 2024 Peak, AI Altcoin Attracts High-Profile Investment Spotlight


The recent military tension between Iran and Israel may have caused a turbulence in Bitcoin’s price, but this has come after a wonderful Q1 2024, where BTC touched an ATH of $73k. This period saw a massive expansion of the blockchain ecosystem, particularly the rise of decentralized applications (dApps). One of them has attracted investments from top investors, as it leads the way for AI best altcoins. Let’s dig further into these stories!

Revival of dApps in Q1 2024

The dApp landscape is buzzing with activity, boasting a robust 77% increase as daily active user wallets soar to 7 million. This surge is closely linked to the dramatic rise in Bitcoin prices, recently fueled by the U.S. approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs. These ETFs haven’t just pushed Bitcoin to new heights; they’ve injected fresh energy across the entire crypto market.

DappRadar highlights this trend, especially in the NFT space, which has seen a staggering 166% growth over the past year. This boom is supported by a 50% jump in trading volume to $3.9 billion and a 13% rise in sales to $11.6 million in just the first quarter. NFTs and blockchain gaming, which now claim 30% of the Web3 domain with about 2.1 million daily unique active wallets, are at the heart of this vibrant expansion in decentralized applications.

The first quarter also shed light on the growing fascination with social vertical dApps, which saw active wallets increase by a remarkable 324%. This uptick indicates a move toward weaving social features into the blockchain fabric, potentially transforming how we interact on decentralized networks.

InQubeta (QUBE) Attracts High-Profile Investments

InQubeta is emerging as a groundbreaking crypto platform, uniquely poised to transform how we invest in AI startups. As artificial intelligence continues to captivate and revolutionize various industries, there’s truly no better time to get involved with innovative ventures poised for impact. Traditionally, early-stage investment opportunities were a closed shop—accessible only to a select few with deep pockets. That’s where InQubeta steps in, leveling the playing field so that anyone, regardless of their financial standing or background, can take part in the AI revolution.

InQubeta’s approach is refreshingly transparent: using NFTs to represent equity or rewards in startups. By deploying this tactic, it introduces transparency and flexibility to share ownership. Furthermore, its ERC20 coin is designed to reduce in supply over time, thanks to a taxation system where 2% on each trade is burnt.

Speaking about the future plans, InQubeta is on track to build an NFT marketplace, establish a DAO, and develop a swapping mechanism. These features will not only boost use cases for the token, but also add liquidity and governance privileges. These are important things for sustained growth. As the platform expands across multiple blockchains, it will open up more doors.

Security is paramount at InQubeta, underscored by successful audits by Hacken and KYC verifications by BlockAudit, ensuring a secure investment landscape. Following a successful presale, QUBE tokens have made a promising debut on exchanges like MEXC and Uniswap, quickly demonstrating their market resilience.

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As Bitcoin and other traditional cryptocurrencies weather the storms of volatility, a new ICO, InQubeta, emerges from the shadows. This AI-driven altcoin is more than just another entry in the crypto race; it’s a guiding light for investors both seasoned and new. With its innovative platform and clever strategic initiatives, InQubeta is doing more than just keeping pace with giants like Chainlink and Solana—it’s laying the foundation for a new era in crypto-economics.

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