Despite Ethereum’s Crash to $3K, Aave & Ripple Holders Find Growth Potential in Raffle Coin with 20X Gains


Ethereum’s crash under $3,000 caused jitters in the decentralized trading ecosystem. Projects like Aave held up. But investors are reassessing the growth potential of their holdings. Even the Ripple maximalists may be getting tired of waiting for a more active rally. The ongoing Raffle Coin presale is drawing in buyers with the potential for 20X gains from the current discounted price. 

Aave Awaits Breakout After Buying the Dip

Aave has the advantage of spreading to multiple blockchains, and storing relatively high notional value in its decentralized protocol. Aave only managed to erase its recent losses from the bearish weekend of April 13-14, but its recovery stalled. 

Aave traded at $90.78 during the weekend, around the middle of its range for the past month. Aave is yet to revisit the levels near $140, and is still far from its 2021 bull market peak above $600. 

Despite this, Aave has patient investors who still see the potential for a bigger breakout. Aave remains a relatively niche protocol, currently capped at only around $1.3B. The low market cap sets the expectations for an eventual rally to reflect the real value of Aave. Based on decentralized reports, Aave hosts more than $10B in nominal value from liquidity deposits. 

Ripple Brings Renewed Breakout Expectations

Ripple trades at $0.54, after stopping the recent slide. For some chart analysts, Ripple also looks ready for a breakout, potentially moving to a higher range. But even with its growth potential, Ripple is testing the patience of investors. 

Even at $0.54, Ripple still has low probability of pulling in 10X gains, and may struggle to regain the $1 range. Ripple is dragged down by its high supply, as well as by the lack of trading on Binance. Additionally, even the recent wave of a big fine from the US Securities and Exchange Commission only had a limited effect on the market price. 

Additionally, Ripple may be under pressure from the supply of the Ripple Foundation, some of which entered the market after 2020. 

Raffle Coin Offers Rock-Bottom Start for the Best Returns

Raffle Coin draws in buyers with the lowest possible price during the first stage of its presale. Starting at only $0.020, Raffle Coin offers a higher upside potential compared to coins that already had their best rallies in the past. 

Raffle Coin will sell 60% of its total token supply during its presales run. The total tokens generated will be capped at 777,777,777. Raffle Coin aims to build a strong community of holders of any size. But special perks and services will be set aside for five tiers of VIP users. 

The Raffle Coin platform will bring the best Web3 practices to launch an e-gaming hub for raffle-style games of luck. The raffles can run with a different duration, from an hour to a week. Raffle Coin users will be able to win crypto token jackpots, as well as physical items.  

Click here to join the Raffle Coin presale.

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