dogwifhat (WIF) Price Plunge Sparks Caution; Why Galaxy Fox (GFOX) Will Outperform in the Meme Coin Market


Meme coins have become an important part of crypto, transitioning to serious financial assets. This is particularly visible in this bull cycle.

However, the meme coin sector has faced turbulence with most of the top meme tokens facing corrections this month after pumping prices from March to May. These price drops in already established names like dogwifHat (WIF), have had experts speculating on the market status.

However, a new contender named Galaxy Fox (GFOX) is now here. The project’s innovative features could potentially disrupt the meme coin arena. But what makes it so special?

While dogwifHat struggles to maintain its value, facing a steep decline, Galaxy Fox is stepping into the limelight with features that might potentially set it apart from traditional meme coins.

Experts Weigh In on WIF

The current market situation around dogwifhat (WIF) reflects a cautious yet hopeful outlook among traders. 

Autism Supercycle notes that WIF is currently in Demand Zone A, suggesting a buying opportunity. However, if the price dips further into Demand Zone B, additional capital deployment might be necessary. 

TraderAAG highlights the struggle to maintain the diagonal trendline in the daily timeframe, predicting a possible dip to $2.4135 before any upward movement, with liquidity around $2.20.

The CryptoBull, another analyst, anticipates an upcoming “mania phase,” indicating potential for a price surge. 

TradeDevils underscores crucial support levels at $2.20 and $1.35, with a possible target of $11. A move back above $2.53 could signal the end of the corrective phase and a return to bullish momentum.

Dogwifhat (WIF) Price Analysis

As of today, WIF trades at $2.46, a 1.82% dip over the past da and a 24.54% drop over the past week. The WIF daily chart reveals mixed signals for traders and investors. The current price of $2.462 hovers around key technical levels, hinting at possible market movements. 

The price action shows the WIF/USDT pair at $2.462, oscillating near the middle Bollinger Band. The bollinger bands show upper and lower bands at 3.861 and 1.585, respectively.

The current price near the middle band suggests a balanced state, though the relatively wide bands indicate higher volatility. If the price moves towards the upper band, it could signal an overbought condition, while a move towards the lower band might suggest oversold conditions.


WIF price chart Source: TradingView

Key Levels to Watch

The Exponential Moving Averages provide additional trends. The 50 EMA stands at 2.925, and the 100 EMA is at 2.551. The 50 EMA being above the 100 EMA generally indicates a bullish trend. However, the price sits below the 50 EMA but above the 100 EMA. 

This positioning suggests potential support at the 100 EMA, with resistance around the 50 EMA.

The MACD indicator currently shows a bearish trend. The MACD line is at 0.094, below the signal line at 0.053, with a histogram value of -0.041. These figures imply increasing bearish momentum. A future crossover of the MACD line above the signal line would indicate a bullish reversal.

The RSI  reads 38.74 suggesting the asset is nearing oversold territory but has not yet reached it. This could present a buying opportunity if the RSI dips below 30 and rebounds.

The slight bearish momentum indicated by the MACD and the nearing oversold RSI suggests cautious optimism . In the medium term, if the price finds support at the 100 EMA and rebounds, it could indicate a resumption of the bullish trend. Long-term prospects remain bullish if the price sustains above the 100 EMA.

Traders should monitor key levels: support at 2.551 (100 EMA) and resistance near 2.925 (50 EMA). Additionally, a MACD crossover and rising RSI would confirm a bullish reversal.

Galaxy Fox (GFOX): A New Contender

There’s a new contender in the meme sector; Galaxy Fox (GFOX). Its offerings distinguish it from typical meme coins. GFOX mixes gaming with crypto, providing a distinct combination of entertainment. 

Under its Play-to-Earn (P2E) model, Galaxy Fox introduces a Web3 runner game. The beta version of the game was announced on May 12th. 

In this game, players control war aircraft to collect points and engage in aerial combat, earning GFOX tokens as rewards. This approach seamlessly integrates entertainment with potential financial gains, appealing to both gaming enthusiasts and investors.

GFOX employs a deflationary token structure, burning a portion of tokens with each transaction. This reduces the total supply over time, combating inflation and creating scarcity, which can enhance the value of remaining tokens.

Investors can stake their GFOX tokens within the ecosystem, generating rewards and incentivizing holdings. This feature adds another layer of earning potential, making GFOX a potentially compelling choice for those seeking gains.

GFOX fosters a supportive and inclusive community where players and investors can collaborate, share their passion for gaming and crypto, and participate in community events. We all know how community is important for meme coins, most of the times crucial actually.

What Makes Galaxy Fox Different?

Galaxy Fox offers various earning opportunities that set it apart from other meme coins. Through its P2E model, players can earn GFOX tokens simply by engaging in gameplay. This integration of fun and financial potential creates a unique experience, merging entertainment with the possibility of profit.

Unlike the inflationary nature of many meme coins, GFOX employs a deflationary token structure. By reducing the overall supply, this model can potentially increase the value of each token over time. This deflationary approach not only distinguishes GFOX from its counterparts but also adds an element of scarcity that could enhance its appeal among investors.

Furthermore, GFOX has a total supply capped at 5 billion tokens. This limited supply is designed to foster long-term growth, making GFOX a more sustainable investment compared to other meme coins, which often suffer from excessive inflation. The capped supply also ensures that each token holds more value, providing a solid foundation for future appreciation.

Moreover, GFOX incorporates NFT assets that offer in-game benefits and access to the broader NFT market. These unique assets broaden GFOX’s appeal by allowing players to own and trade NFTs, thus enhancing their gaming experience and financial opportunities.

Community engagement is at the heart of GFOX’s strategy. By pushing active participation in social media and events, GFOX builds a strong and vibrant community. 


To finally sum it up, dogwifhat (WIF) faces challenges with price decline, but traders on Twitter remain optimistic.

On other hand, Galaxy Fox (GFOX) stands ready to capitalize on the meme coin mania. With features different from what other meme coins offer, this one could be the next meme coin to watch this summer.

Learn more about $GFOX here:  | Join the Community


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