Donald Trump Plans to Have Dinner with His NFT Investors


Former President Donald Trump is making headlines with plans to spend his day off from his trial by having dinner with supporters who purchased some of the Mugshot Edition NFT collection. According to a U.S. news outlet Axios, Donald Trump flew home to Palm Beach, Florida to meet his supporters for dinner at Mar-a-Lago.

According to the news, individuals who support Donald Trump have purchased 47 Trump NFTs for $99 each. At the same time, the presidential candidate expressed dissatisfaction with attending a trial he deemed to be a “hoax”, stating that he would prefer to be campaigning.”

Donald Trump Floats Mugshot Edition NFT

Donald Trump introduced an exclusive line of “Mugshot Edition” NFT trading cards, creating a unique opportunity for his supporters. As per the release, these limited edition cards offer fans the rare chance to dine with the former president and also include a distinctive feature- a core sample from the suit he wore during his recent mugshot.

In a move that merges political memorabilia with the rising trend of NFTs, Trump leveraged the digital realm to connect with his audience innovatively. Trump noted that anyone who buys the NFT will be entitled to a piece of the President’s actual suit and a dinner with him at Mar-a-Lago. In this edition, certain cards will be unique, with only one in existence, and others may likely feature a hand-signed signature from the former president.

Meanwhile, each NFT card is a digital representation of a physical card, adding a modern twist to the traditional collector’s item.

Interestingly, the limited edition NFT collection, which included 44,000 virtual trading cards of Trump in various outfits and stances, sold out in a single day. A Report also revealed that Trump’s crew minted 1,000 NFTs for their wallet.

Melania Trump Introduced her NFT Collection

Previously, Melania Trump, the former first lady of the United States, introduced her NFT collection dubbed “Cobalt Blue Eyes.

She converted numerous popular photographs from NASA’a Apollo lunar landings into digital sculptures that were exchanged for $75 each one of them. On the other hand, NASA slammed the project, claiming it broke the space agency’s merchandising laws.

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