Donk.Meme A Solana Meme Coin Project Sells 30% Of It’s Presale Allocation, Is This The Next Pepe?


Among the numerous Solana Meme Coins with moon potential comes Donk.Meme, a Donkey inspired Meme Coin based on the Solana Blockchain and the new meme coin has been getting lots of attention lately as it has smashed through crucial milestone of its $DONKM token presale.

Donk.Meme ($DONKM), a unique donkey mascot meme coin on Solana with plans to build a fun and thrills meme ecosystem on the Solana blockchain has raised over 600 $SOL in its 21 day token pre-sale, with 15 days left till the end of the presale.

Join Donk.Meme Token Presale Now

This major milestone was accomplished in less than 7 days of launching the much awaited pre-sale campaign, selling out almost 30% of the 700 million $DONKM pre-sale allocation.

This surge of interest is not just from casual investors; Solana whales and meme coin enthusiasts are keenly observing Donk.Meme, drawn by its unique fundraising model and the promise of a community-driven future. 

With no allocation for insiders or the team, Donk.Meme stands as a testament to fairness and transparency in the crypto space.

The pre-sale started on 22nd of March 2024 and will last for a period of 21 days and by adopting a no-cap presale model, Donk.Meme ensures wide participation, offering every investor a fair shot at securing tokens before they hit major exchanges like Raydium and other exchanges.

This approach not only fosters inclusivity but also sets the stage for Donk.Meme to potentially outshine giants like $WIF and $BOME.

The presale allocates a generous 70% of the 1 billion $DONKM total supply to the community, while the remaining 30% will be used to supply Liquidity. After the presale, the $DONKM token will be paired with SOL, and LP supplied on Raydium, Solanas top decentralized exchange (DEX).

How to Join the Presale

Participating in the Donk.Meme presale is very straightforward.

  • Prepare Your Wallet: Set up a Solana-compatible wallet, such as Trust Wallet or Phantom, to ensure you’re ready to contribute.

  • Acquire $SOL: Buy $SOL from leading exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, or Kucoin. Remember to account any applicable transaction fees.

  • Make Your Contribution: Visit and follow the simple steps to send $SOL to the designated presale address.

  • Track Your $DONKM Allocation: After-contribution, a user-friendly dashboard will help you calculate your forthcoming $DONKM tokens based on the total SOL raised.

  • Await Your Tokens: After the presale concludes, you’ll receive your $DONKM tokens via airdrop, proportional to your contribution during the presale.

Join Donk.Meme Token Presale Now

Joining the Donk.Meme Community

The Donk.Meme journey is more than an investment; it’s about being part of a community set to revolutionize the Solana meme coin market. With social media growth soaring to nearly 3500 members and exchanges showing keen interest, the project is on a trajectory for success.

Join the Telegram & Discord Channels so as not to miss any upcoming announcements and partnerships.

The presale is your chance to secure a position in what’s shaping up to be Solana’s next big meme coin story.

About Donk.Meme

Donk.Meme is a pioneering meme coin project launched on the Solana blockchain, inspired by the beloved character Donkey from the iconic Shrek series. It represents a unique blend of humor and investment potential, designed to captivate both meme enthusiasts and crypto investors.

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