DTX Presale Grabs Investors From Ethena (ENA) & Arweave (AR)


The crypto market witnessed a major blow on Wednesday past week. The market is down by 4.77% with a declining market cap of $2.14 trillion. Many altcoins are reaching new lows with huge losses for the holders and community members.

Among the leading decliners in the turbulent market are Ethena (ENA) and Arweave (AR). Both tokens are witnessing a major price decline, with their investors dumping the tokens and taking positions in other deFi projects with massive upside potential. The deFi market was up lately reaching $7.5 billion in market cap.  

Ethena Price Declines by 13% Despite Coinbase Announcement

Ethena (ENA) witnessed a massive price boost after its launch on April 2. However, that bullish trend was short-lived and bears pulled the price down. Ethena price is sluggish despite the recent announcement by Coinbase International Exchange to support new perpetual futures, including Ethena (ENA-PERP). 

Ethena is down by 13% on the weekly chart. While the price climbed to some levels in the past few hours, technical indicators like RSI are indicating an oversold territory which means that buying pressures are decreasing. If the trajectory persists, the ENA token can yield significant losses for investors. 

Arweave Tops Among Market Decliners With 19.5% Price Drop

Amid the market crash, Arweave stands at the top of the list of declining altcoins. Arweave is down by 19.5% in a single day, with massive cash outflows. The token has dropped from $33 to 26.9 within hours amid high volatility evidenced by the surge of 125% in the trading volume of the token, according to data by CoinMarketCap.

Amid the consolidation phase, investors are speculative to invest in Arweave to mitigate the risk of potential losses. While this might prove a low entry point for an anticipated price rebound, many investors have already dumped their tokens to take positions in other promising investment avenues. 

DTX Exchange Grabs Spotlight With Massive Capital Inflows In Presale

DTX Exchange’s (DTX) presale is pushing the project as the frontrunner in the list of ICO projects in 2024. The hybrid platform features 1000x leverage and distributive liquidity pools to provide a robust trading environment to traders in various financial markets including stocks, equities, cryptos, forex, and contract-for-differences (CFDs). 

DTX Exchange with its security protocols and commitment to individual ownership of digital funds is poising it to become a compelling choice for blockchain users and traders. The platform offers secure maintenance of assets in case of any security breach through DTX non-custodial wallets and a no-KYC approach to eliminate intermediaries. 

The project has raised a staggering $485,000 in the presale with an ever-expanding holder base. DTX Exchange is poised to lead in the trading sphere as analysts predict an enticing opportunity for early adopters to take positions in the project as the DTX token can surge beyond $1 when it hits major CEX exchanges possibly in Q2 of 2024. 

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