DTX Presale Spreads Market Excitement, Worldcoin (WLD), And Near Protocol (NEAR) Plummet


The ongoing crypto market downturn has investors looking for the best crypto to buy now. Amidst the crypto crash, DTX Exchange (DTX) emerges as an ideal addition to portfolios of investors seeking profitability. 

On the other hand, prominent AI crypto tokens Worldcoin (WLD) and NEAR Protocol (NEAR) are losing momentum and collapsing. Explore DTX, WLD, and NEAR. 


Investors Jump On DTX As Presale Promises Relief From Crypto Crash

Protected from market volatility, presale tokens often struggle to appeal to many savvy crypto investors. However, DTX Exchange has risen to the top of the presale coins list with its impressive price increase and promise of massive returns at the end of the public presale.

DTX offers massive leverage rates to increase profitability. Further, it eliminates centralization in trading conventional assets and enables speedy decision-making and trading with confidentiality, privacy, and higher returns. 

Furthermore, DTX Exchange is a leading platform that mainstreams cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. According to its whitepaper, future developments will see it dabble in RWA tokenization, as it already onboards real-world assets to the decentralized world. 

With these groundbreaking features, the ongoing DTX public presale has generated massive interest from crypto and traditional investors. Demand for DTX Exchange has been similar to resilient tokens, whose prices are rising despite the market correction, making it the best crypto to buy now. 


Worldcoin Woes Compound As Market Downturn And Regulatory Challenges Cause Price Collapse

Worldcoin’s price continues to cause turmoil for investors due to the significant implications of increased regulatory scrutiny in diverse jurisdictions worldwide. As a result, WLD  has fallen from $4.92 to $3.02 in June. Moreover, the token has experienced sluggish demand, as seen in its falling trade volumes and market capitalization. 

After reaching an ATH of $11.84 earlier in March, WLD has fallen 74% from $3.02.  Additionally,  its market capitalization, dropping below $800,000, shows a decrease in investor confidence and demand. Further, active accounts in the Worldcoin ecosystem have continued to reduce as investor activity falls. 

Despite its association with the AI giant OpenAI, WLD faces an uncertain future as different countries ban the use of its eye-scanning orbs for privacy violations. There is a bearish sentiment for Worldcoin in the market, with its RSI hovering over the oversold zone. Bearish AI crypto price predictions indicate it may fall to $2. An upturn in its price will invalidate bearish predictions, with bullish forecasts indicating WLD may reach $4.5 by the end of the year. 

AI Crypto Tokens Plunge As NEAR Protocol Experiences Massive Price Drop 

AI crypto tokens have taken the market by storm. Despite their popularity, they are trading on a downtrend, according to Worldcoin’s and NEAR Protocol’s price movement. The price drop is due to a crypto market crash and profit-taking after impressive price increases earlier in the year. 

NEAR Protocol’s price fell from $7.42 to $5.03 in June. The price drop is attributed to seller capitalization after a 400% YTD price increase as AI tokens grew in popularity. Moreover, NEAR is experiencing low demand as its trading volume and market capitalization values fall. Consequently, NEAR investors opt for alternatives such as DTX for massive profits. 

Due to the colossal downward push, experts suggest a bearish sentiment for NEAR Protocol. However, some analysts opine the token is in consolidation and predict that NEAR may spike to $10 by the end of the year. 

Buy DTX Exchange To Surpass Gains From AI Tokens WLD And NEAR 

As its public presale continues, investors are confident DTX Exchange will surpass gains produced by AI tokens Worldcoin and NEAR Protocol. With new investor inflows reaching $700,000 in Stage 2 within a week, DTX will likely experience an oversubscription in its presale. 

With immense demand comes a price rise, which may make DTX more profitable than WLD and NEAR and surpass its projected listing price of $0.12, making it the best cryptocurrency to invest in now. 

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