DTX’s Meteoric Rise: Will It Surpass XRP and Cardano (ADA) in 2024?


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DTX Exchange (DTX) has experienced unprecedented demand for a new market entrant in its public presale. Its innovativeness and goals help it stand out in the presale coins list and attract investors. 

Crypto price prediction shows it may surpass established coins such as XRP and Cardano (ADA) as they remain stagnant. Here’s why DTX may perform better than XRP and ADA. 


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DTX Potential Drives Massive Investor Uptake, Making It The Best Crypto To Buy Now 

DTX Exchange is a public presale DeFi token enjoying significant investor interest. DTX joins  DeFi protocols designed for the growth and profitability of savvy traders. As a hybrid investment marketplace enabling access to traditional and crypto assets on the same platform, DTX has gained immense value and popularity in its ongoing public presale. 

Its innovative strategy for mainstreaming decentralized platforms in the TradFi industry advances its public perception as the best crypto to buy now. Its on-chain order book, 1000x leverage, zero commission trade, 120,000+ listed assets, non-custodial wallets, and user-friendly platform are some features that increase its appeal to investors.

As DTX gains momentum, it poses a peculiar challenge to established crypto platforms XRP and ADA. While their network activity falls, DTX Exchange expects more than enough activity considering the number of TradFi investors seeking the benefits of decentralization and a platform that will help them maximize their trading profits and diversify their portfolio. 

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Based on these forecasts, savvy crypto investors are buying DTX Echange tokens as they anticipate a promising rally as DTX advances to launch on exchanges.


Can XRP Regain Its Price Momentum With New Tokens Ready To Outrun It? 

XRP is still stuck in the crypto market depression as other top-ten-ranked cryptos ride on the next crypto bull run. Between May and June, XRP price remained rangebound between $0.49 and $0.54 as bulls and bears battled for dominance. 

Despite the uncertainty surrounding XRP and its ongoing lawsuit against the SEC, holders are optimistic, given that the market is turning bullish. Moreover, increased whale acquisitions continue to drive XRP price upswing expectations. On-chain analysis in the first week of June showed that whales bought 77 million XRP tokens on Binance, a sign that XRP may join other top altcoins in the ongoing crypto bull run

Furthermore, its recent collaborations in cross-border transfer continue to boost investor confidence in the project. Over 80% of Japanese banks use Ripple XRP technology to implement blockchain transfers due to its speed, scalability, and security features. As a result, holders maintain their bullish prospects over XRP. 

However, technical analysis indicates a bearish market sentiment for XRP, with its RSI southbound and hovering in the oversold zone. XRP price prediction forecasts it may continue trading sideways between $0.49 and $0.54 with speculation that Ripple, its developer, wants to abandon the token. 

ADA: Optimism In The Air As Demand Rises

With the market entering a new crypto rally, Cardano seeks to overcome the prolonged consolidation to deliver profits for its holders. ADA holders anticipate a price rally following impressive results registered in the first week of June.

ADA price jumped from $0.44 to $0.48 as demand increased and traded volumes reached $864.2 million, a level it has not reached since April. The price rise is attributed to expert analysis revealing that Cardano is on the verge of a price surge that could push it to $3. Moreover, Cardano’s recent partnerships in Dubai and Argentina prepare it for a rise in demand and a likely price increase. 

Technical analysis of Cardano shows neutral sentiment as bulls and bears seek dominance. However, a surge in its derivatives market demand indicates a likely price upswing, which could see ADA reach $1 by the end of the year. 

Get DTX For A Definite Profit

As uncertainty reigns in XRP and Cardano, DTX Exchange presents a profit-making opportunity. Its public presale has already seen massive demand and investor interest. So far, Stage 1 has ended with a 100% price increase from $0.02 to $0.04. 

We believe that now is the best time to acquire DTX tokens. Their price is low, and there is high demand, as shown by the over $600,000 raised since the presale began and a solid 200% likely price increase before they launch on crypto exchanges. 

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