ERC20 Coins LINK and RABT Pump, Amid OM’s Struggle Under $1


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The cryptocurrency market has seen some interesting movements lately, with two ERC-20 tokens, LINK and an emerging meme token, $RABT, experiencing significant growth. This surge in value for LINK and the AI-powered meme token Raboo ($RABT) comes amid reports of struggles for the OM token, which has been trading below the $1 mark.

Interestingly, the surge in the Raboo ($RABT) seems to captivate investors more, and has causes the market to recognise the coin as one of the best cryptocurrency investments of the year . Let’s find out more about these tokens.

Coinbase files to list Chainlink futures, LINK price up 2.52%

Just recently, Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange, filed an official application with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to list futures for many top altcoins, which included Chainlink (LINK). Futures contracts are a type of financial derivative, which allow traders to invest in the potential future price changes of cryptocurrencies, but with a smaller amount of money upfront compared to buying the actual cryptocurrency.

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With the set date for Chainlink to begin trading as futures on July 15, 2024, many enthusiasts have started investing in LINK in anticipation of a price rally when the token’s futures trading begins. As a result of the increased buying activity, LINK has pumped 2.52% over the last 7 days to a current price of $14.28.

OM price unresponsive to USDC vault launch, rally still expected

In late June, MANTRA (OM), a blockchain platform focused on real-world assets (RWA), introduced a new USDC vault, which are stablecoins backed by short-term US Treasuries, and are low-risk government bonds. The MANTRA USDC vault allows users to earn a yield (interest) on their USDC holdings, which is currently 5.3% per annum – an interest rate higher than the returns typically offered by traditional financial products like savings accounts.

Although this update is a positive development for MANTRA, it has not yet triggered a notable increase in the price of the OM token as it still trades nearly 30% from its ATH at the beginning of June. Instead, OM was left trading below $1 at $0.77, marking a 5.55% decrease over the last 24 hours. However it’s expected that OM will eventually rally as investors express eagerness to witness such interesting returns for investing in MANTRA USDC. 

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Raboo skyrockets: Meme innovation, NFTs, and staking fuel token surge

With other ERC20 coins struggling to maintain relevance, $RABT has seen a remarkable surge of 60% since its initial Stage 1 presale stage which quickly progressed through to its fourth, showcasing the growing demand for Raboo’s unique vision. Raboo is a new meme token that is positioning itself as an innovative force poised to revolutionize the very fabric of digital culture.

The current surge in Raboo can be attributed to the project’s unwavering commitment to introducing groundbreaking innovations within the meme culture. Specifically, the project applies advanced technology and relentless meme-hunting prowess to curate a new era of meme supremacy, where only the best and most engaging content thrives. Furthermore, the platform aims to introduce an exclusive NFT collection and a staking program offering $RABT token holders unique benefits and privileges to earn passively.

Moreover, with $RABT currently available at just $0.0048 per token, investors have the opportunity to join the presale and stand a chance to earn remarkably when $RABT appreciates in its upcoming presale stages


While OM  has struggled to maintain a price above $1, the surge in LINK’s price can be attributed to Coinbase’s application to list Chainlink futures, which has sparked increased buying activity. 

Meanwhile, the emerging meme token $RABT has captivated investors, with its presale seeing a remarkable 60% surge in price since inception. This reflects the growing demand for Raboo’s innovative vision within the meme culture and its potential to be name among top altcoins in the meme sector 

You can participate in the Raboo presale here:



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