Ethereum’s 2024: Dencun and Pralectra Innovations; InQubeta Presale Excitement Skyrockets


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The Ethereum (ETH) network is expected to be one of the best altcoins to buy this year, thanks to a switch to a proof-of-stake consensus in mid-2023 and the cryptocurrency boom Bitcoin (BTC) is expected to cause as prices surge upward after the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approval of exchange-traded fund (ETF) applications. 

The second most popular cryptocurrency’s developers plan to roll out the Dencun updates around March and they’re already discussing goals for the next upgrade that follows – Pralectra.

InQubeta (QUBE) is also generating lots of discussion as some analysts dub it one of the best new cryptocurrencies to invest in. It’s launched on the Ethereum network so it stands to gain from upgrades to the ETH code as well. An Ethereum-hosted blockchain allows the new DeFi project to create a unique investment ecosystem that opens access to artificial intelligence, providing a much-needed alternative for those who can’t meet the requirements many mainstream channels have. 

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Analysts suggest InQubeta (QUBE) could be the best DeFi crypto to buy this year

Anyone who bought QUBE at the start of its presale has now grown their capital by 220%. The presale has generated $8.2 million in sales so far, making it one of the top new ICOs in the cryptocurrency space. 

Factors like the efficient, easily accessible investment space it presents and the project’s carefully structured tokenomics are responsible for InQubeta’s presale success. 

AI is on its way to becoming the most impactful technological revolution the world has ever seen and InQubeta democratizes access to investments in the space. Traditional investment channels aren’t so open to everyday people looking for investment opportunities. Angel investors, for example, must be worth over a million dollars to gain access to small startups seeking investment capital. 

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With InQubeta, anyone can invest in artificial intelligence startups even if they’re working with a small budget. 

Here’s how the democratized investment process works:

  • AI startups submit information to determine if they’re eligible to fundraise on the network
  • If approved, these companies gain access to the NFT marketplace where they can create non-fungible tokens that function as investment opportunities
  • The NFTs made by the firms seeking capital are divided into many smaller pieces to suit each investor’s budget. These coins are added to the ERC20 token list on the marketplace along with information about their developers
  • Investors invest in companies they choose with QUBE. They can resell any tokens they buy on the NFT marketplace whenever they want to or hold on to them long-term. The value of these tokens will rise as their makers grow

Ethereum (ETH) prices could reach $5,800 in 2024

ETH prices are expected to surge exponentially this year, especially now that Bitcoin ETFs have been approved. This development paves the way for an Ethereum ETF regardless of the complication of ETH being classed as a security by the SEC and not a commodity like Bitcoin. 

Upgrades to the Ethereum code should also help to push prices up as they plan to take on some of its biggest limitations. Discussions are currently going on about whether to make major changes to the Ethereum protocol during the Pralectra upgrade by introducing Verkle Trees to the blockchain’s execution layer. 

Verkle Trees verify transactions faster while using less space, which would enable Ethereum’s blockchain to handle more transactions and keep fees reasonable as its prices rise. 


QUBE and ETH are two of the best alt coins to invest in today given their current price projections. ETH prices should double at a minimum as BTC grows exponentially, while QUBE is expected to surge as much as 10,000% once distributed on exchanges. 

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