Exciting New Raffle Coin Sets New Precedents in DeFi, Attracting Thousands of Ripple & USDC Investors with Promise of High 10X Yields.


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A new cryptocurrency, Raffle Coin, has entered the DeFi industry with a new value proposition and method of operation. This has attracted investors from various sectors of DeFi, including those who champion Ripple and USDC for multiple reasons. As the coin sets a precedent in decentralized gaming, it has spiked the curiosity of cryptocurrency experts and analysts.

Ripple: From Bitcoin Alternative to Bitcoin Wannabe

In its early days, Ripple was designed as an alternative to Bitcoin. However, the cryptocurrency has moved down the charts due to its price decline over the years. Although the impact of its legal battles with the SEC is still strong, the coin has been stabilizing lately. After falling below the 200-day exponential moving average, it has slowly begun to climb a little, as noticed from its pattern on charts.

At the moment, Ripple’s price is fluctuating between $0.5683 and $0.5814. Experts have predicted that as long as it doesn’t go below the $0.5581 level, it might start to see a price increase soon. Some crypto analysts also believe it could meet another critical point in the $0.6114 range, and if it can successfully pass this point, the coin may stabilize for a while.

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USDC Volume Increases on Exchanges Signifying an Increase in Capital Infusion

Although they serve different purposes, stablecoins are as crucial as other coins in the ecosystem. Recently, USDC, one of the most popular, has seen a significant rise in exchange volume. This can mean one of two things. Either people are swapping their coins for USDC or more capital is entering the ecosystem. So far, there have not been reports of massive exchanges of altcoins for USDC. 

Therefore, experts suspect that more capital is entering the market thanks to the bullish trend it has enjoyed. Several reports show that USDC is taking first place among other stablecoins. As of April 2, the transfer volume of this coin reached $63.69B, far more than $812.41M of USDT, which comes second.

Raffle Coin Attracts Thousands of DeFi Investors with Its Value Proposition

Raffle Coin is gaining attention primarily because of its gaming approach. Raffle works based on a decentralized system that allows everyone to participate in raffle draws and lotteries while following up with them live. Investors are attracted to this system as it envisions transparency and trust. Raffle coin, the project’s token, allows users to participate in the platform’s governance. 

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Investors who participate in the presale at $0.020 can earn a portion of platform fees proportional to their token holdings. Market observers believe that the Raffle coin could become a blue chip crypto. However, it is essential to do your research before investing. 

Visit this website to learn more about the project.

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