Explosive 20X Potential Draws Tether and Binance Coin Traders to Raffle Coin Presale


Amid the substantial profit recorded by Tether in the previous year and the remarkable increase in market capitalization, Binance Coin shows strong performance in its price. Meanwhile, Raffle Coin enters the spotlight with a revolutionary approach to online raffles. Using blockchain technology, this emerging raffle platform makes raffle draws much easier and more fun.

With the potential for a 20X explosion in its price, the Raffle Coin platform draws both Tether and Binance Coin traders to the platform’s presale. Having a glimpse of the promising future of this raffle platform, a lot of investors are rushing to secure their slots in its presale while the opportunity is still available.

Tether Makes Substantial Profit

Tether produced about $6 billion in profit in the previous year and its market valuation was approximately $100 billion. Being one of the most dependable cryptocurrencies available, its value is linked to the US dollar, making it a safe haven during the current volatility in the asset market. In an effort to keep liquidity, Tether has been growing its base.

This year, the Tether network has significant initiatives planned involving Web2’s centralized services, and users and investors are drawn to the network’s tight reserve holding policy, which includes holding US Treasury bonds, money market funds and even gold. Tether, holding its ground despite the significant swings over the past week, has seen a transaction volume of $60 billion in the previous 24 hours.

Binance Coin Burn

Every quarter, the Auto-Burn algorithm is used to execute the Binance Coin burn automatically. This process’s ultimate objective is to progressively reduce the total number of Binance Coin tokens available until it hits 100 million. The price of Binance Coin stayed neutral after the token burn, moving within a small range of $278 to $345.5 until the middle of February. 

Nevertheless, the altcoin increased 110% as market turbulence increased before being rejected at $635. The price has been fluctuating between $506.5 and $635 ever since. In spite of the recent consolidation, Binance Coin has shown strong performance over a variety of periods. In the past seven days, the coin’s value has climbed by 11.41%, and in the past thirty days, it has increased by 3.31%. 

More Traders Are Drawn To The Raffle Coin Presale

Raffle Coin introduces a decentralized platform revolutionizing the online raffle experience. Users can easily sign up for an account and instantly fund it using various cryptocurrencies. With lower fees compared to traditional raffle platforms and instant withdrawal functionality, Raffle Coin prioritizes user convenience and satisfaction. 

Currently, in Stage One of its presale at $0.02 per token, Raffle Coin offers investors a chance to get involved in a promising project with significant growth potential. With a total of six stages planned for the presale and a limited supply of Raffle Coin tokens, early investors have the opportunity to secure their share of tokens before they potentially become more valuable. 

Find out more about the Raffle Coin presale by visiting the website here

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