Explosive Growth in Solana Network; Injective and InQubeta Show Bullish Signals


Investor Sentiment Post BTC ETF has certainly been divisive, however, Solana has been running riot in recent weeks and gotten a whole lot of investors excited, and is gearing up for another Solana summer just like last year. Other areas are doing well too, like the AI narrative, which is booming thanks to some awesome projects like Injective and InQubeta.

Solana Still Growing

Solana is a proof-of-stake layer-1 blockchain, like Ethereum. Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, but Solana features several notable advantages from a user perspective. While Ethereum is averaging a throughput of under 30 transactions per second (TPS), Solana features an exponentially higher throughput of 65,000 transactions per second. 

This high throughput leads to faster transaction times. Transactions on Solana are often completed in a matter of seconds, whereas transactions on Ethereum can take five minutes or more to process at times (the average is between 15 seconds to five minutes). 

Transactions on Solana cost less than a penny. This makes Solana an appealing option for users who want to make low-cost transactions. If you want to buy an NFT for $40 or send a friend $20, paying $30 in gas on Ethereum isn’t practical, whereas a transaction fee of under a penny on Solana is hardly noticeable. These low costs could help Solana appeal to more users as the cryptocurrency reaches wider adoption.

All these reasons contribute to SOL’s continued growth, with many community members also speculating that it may flip ETH this year. 

Injective Following Suit

Injective is a blockchain designed specifically for finance. It is an interoperable and environmentally-friendly layer 1 blockchain that supports advanced DeFi applications, including crypto trading dApps, like spot and derivative exchanges, and lending protocols. 

Injective’s whole ethos involves empowering anyone to build these sorts of applications. It provides core financial infrastructure primitives that applications can leverage, including a fully decentralized MEV-resistant on-chain order book. Additionally, all types of financial markets, such as spot, perpetual, futures, and options, are fully on-chain. 

Built with the Cosmos SDK, Injective puts a strong emphasis on interoperability, enabling seamless communication with other IBC chains and through Wormhole, extending its interoperability to chains beyond the Cosmos ecosystem, including Ethereum, Solana, Klaytn, and more.

Many are bullish on this token, but before you make an investment, take a look at InQubeta…

InQubeta Is Your Best Bet For All Things AI

The QUBE  token is a unique one that facilitates transactions on the InQubeta platform, while also serving as a governance token, giving holders a say in platform decisions affecting the entire community. This makes it one of the best altcoins to invest in if you like having real control and a say in the platform’s future.

The QUBE token features a structured tax system, where transaction taxes contribute to rewards for stakers, liquidity, marketing, and burning tokens. This tax structure benefits both token holders and the broader InQubeta community.

InQubeta stands out as the best cryptocurrency platform for AI startup investments, offering an innovative approach to crypto crowdfunding. It introduces the concept of fractional investment using its native cryptocurrency, QUBE tokens, making it the best crypto to buy for those interested in the AI tech sector.

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Solana is continuing its upward trajectory  and proving doubters wrong about its position among other top altcoins. Plus, the AI narrative is really heating up, with unique movements like Injective and InQubeta continuously breaking personal records and earning experts’ trust in the process.

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