Fantom TVL rises as Milei Moneda presale gains traction


Web 3.0 scalability solution Fantom (FTM) infused some cheer in the market after its total volume locked crossed $200 million in May. 

The news pushed the token’s price higher and also led to it outperforming key indices like the CoinDesk20. Market experts view Fantom’s achievements as a culmination of the token’s steady performance over the past months. 

Among the fresher cryptocurrencies, Milei Moneda ($MEDA) emerged as one of the more profitable options in the market. 

The crypto project is inspired by the economic ideas and ideology of Argentine President Javier Milei. A believer in anarcho-capitalism, Milei is considered a revolutionary leader and his ideas are capable of driving financial innovation.

Currently in its third presale stage, the project has sold over 68 million tokens and is being hailed as one of the best new ICOs of 2024.

Economize Like Milei: Invest in $MEDA!

Milei Moneda: Taking politics to the DeFi ecosystem

Milei Moneda is a meme coin that has impressed crypto users worldwide with its innovative model. The coin is a tribute to the economic policies and philosophy of Argentina’s President Javier Milei. 

Powered by the Ethereum blockchain, Milei Moneda has a native cryptocurrency, the $MEDA token, and it’s used for making all kinds of payments on the network. 

The token’s availability is capped at 500 million and 60% of the supply is to be sold to the public. The remaining tokens will be used for airdrops, keeping liquidity at optimum levels and funding marketing campaigns.

The top altcoin simplifies governance through a decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) model. Here, $MEDA token holders collectively make decisions by using their voting privileges. If a proposal for an upgrade or new feature is floated in the community, it’s first reviewed and then put to a vote.

During the process, token owners can flag risks and reject a proposal if it’s not in the best interests of the platform. If they are convinced that it can expand the platform’s scope, then token holders can vote in favor of the proposal. 

The emerging crypto has secure smart contracts that are reviewed by leading blockchain audit companies. 

Analysts have lauded the $MEDA token as its ownership can unlock new opportunities for crypto users. The first is staking, where owners agree to lock tokens in liquidity pools in exchange for crypto rewards. 

The staked tokens contribute to network security and blockchain growth by keeping liquidity pools replenished.

Economize Like Milei: Invest in $MEDA!

Fantom announces ‘Meme Season’ competition 

Fantom provides world-class DeFi infrastructure to developers for building interoperable dApps. The platform is considered to be one of the best cryptos for developers because of its high-end security and speed. The platform is also a more cost-effective option given its low transaction fees.

Its native token is FTM and is the official medium of exchange of the Fantom ecosystem.

The platform earned praise from the crypto community after its TVL breached the $200 million mark, which analysts consider a sign of the token’s growing global influence. Fantom’s latest upgrade Sonic went live and has earned rave reviews from Web 3.0 experts. 

The upgrade aims to tackle problems like congestion during times of high network demand and aims to improve user experience. 

In a recent development, Fantom announced the launch of ‘Meme Season’, an online competition where participants can win prizes by holding top-performing meme coins. The prize pool comprises 10 million FTM tokens


Fantom and Milei Moneda are top cryptos to invest in as they promise a balance between profitability and security. The two tokens are built with cutting-edge security frameworks that bear approval from leading audit companies. Analysts suggest that these assets are great for diversifying portfolios as well.

A key driver for the two tokens has been their recent milestones. In Fantom’s case, a rising TVL and the Sonic upgrade are pushing the token towards a bull rally.

Milei Moneda is an emerging crypto that has carved a niche for itself with a multifaceted DeFi model. As per the roadmap shared by the team, the $MEDA token is gearing up for exciting times. 

In the coming months, crypto users can see Milei Moneda on stock exchanges and DEXs. The team is also looking to tie up with social media influencers to spread awareness about the crypto project.

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