Fetch.ai and Raboo Ride The Surge Wave, Can Whales Save Chainlink?


There’s a fever in the crypto market at the moment, and it looks like it’s only on tokens with AI functionalities. Fetch.ai (FET) has outpaced Bitcoin in the past few days, accumulating 35% to lead the gainers for the week. Chainlink price could do with a little boost from the whales, as a lot still looks possible from its current level.

Raboo ($RABT) is a new AI-integrated project that is making the headlines. It gets even more interesting when you consider that the $RABT project is a meme project. At any rate, AI is coming to memes, and Raboo is leading the new age.

Fetch.ai is getting its groove back?

The FET price went on quite the spree on June 19th, spiking by over 35% to the amazement of most users. CryptoPotato reports that it wasn’t a simple one-off spike, though–there is some significant announcement behind it.

Remember how analysts kept pointing out the AI crypto sector as one to watch in 2024? Well, the entire sector is up 12% in the past day, and it is down to one of their heavily anticipated news. Fetch.ai, Ocean Protocol, and SingularityNET have set a definite timeline for their merger into the Artificial Superintelligence Alliance.

The merger has been in the works all year, and AI in crypto is about to receive a big boost soon. Between Binance’s support for the proposed token and Nvidia’s economic exploits, Fetch.ai users will have a field day in the markets for the next few weeks.

Chainlink users have work to do

The Chainlink price movement has been understated all year, as the LINK token has simply gone with the flow on every bullish trend since January. True, the token is on net gains from 2023, but the holders could do a little more to get a decent increase in the next few days.

TradingView’s analysis of the LINK charts shows that Chainlink has some bullish potential to be unleashed. The token seems to be encountering resistance at the $14.5 and $14.65 levels, and that’s where the traders come in. The analysts predict that a clear upward breach at $14.65 will see the token go on a streak.

Conversely, if the Chainlink price cannot break the resistance there, it might be looking at a deep dive towards its next support at $13.80. Possibilities, possibilities, and it’s all in the hands of the LINK holders now.

Away from all the drama is Raboo, the new meme coin that seeks to launch its AI use case with memes. The Raboo presale is gaining significant traction in the crypto market, and its AI applications might be the reason.

Hit Raboo up for the best memes available!

The meme sector is getting an upgrade with Raboo’s entry; we might be seeing more generative AI in the meme market soon. That means Raboo’s plans are already in motion.

Raboo is not a fan of the substandard memes circulating in the crypto-verse, and it is doing something about the low standards. The problems seem to stem from meme creation–too few people are interested in making memes these days, and whatever memes we get are either stale or recycled.

That’s why Raboo opted for an AI interface. The Rabooscan technology will be getting a horde of memeable content from the growing $RABT community, so it will never have to recycle a meme ever. And all that memeable content will be courtesy of the users.

The post-to-earn feature on Raboo is a rewards system that gives users $RABT coins for their funny GIFs, pics, and videos. There’s a 135-million-token pool to fund the rewards, too, and you can start accumulating your tokens even now!


The presale is the gateway into the Raboo-verse, and getting your tokens now is key before they run out or increase in price.

$RABT tokens currently go for $0.0048, and with your Raboo investments, you get some of the 233% presale profits. You also have 100x gains to watch out for when $RABT coins get listed on top exchanges.

The new meme is here; get your $RABT to stash up your portfolio!

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.

Telegram: https://t.me/RabootokenPortal

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Raboo_Official

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