Fetch.ai & Lido DAO Investors See Raffle Coin’s 2000% Growth Potential Eagerly Staking Their Claims


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Crypto fans worldwide are constantly searching for new projects to invest in, especially those with significant growth potential. Raffle coin is one such project that has caught the eyes of many key players, including Fetch.ai and Lido DAO investors. With a growth potential of up to 2000%, it’s no surprise that many people are utilizing its presale period to purchase as many tokens as possible.

Fetch.ai Holders Sees Potential in New Presale Project

Fetch.ai has proved to be a promising investment, as its holders saw a whopping increase of 712.3% in its market price. It has continued to surge forward, especially after it crossed the resistance line at $2.5. Some analysts predict the coin will rise to $6.45 in the coming months.

However, after reaching the $3.5 mark, it rebounded, and it’s currently trading at around the $2.51 price mark. While there’s a possibility for a potential bull run in the future, intelligent Fetch.ai investors are diversifying their portfolios with presale projects that show high returns on investment.

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Lido DAO Bulls Seems To Be Winning Against the Bears

Lido DAO has been making headlines, especially since it announced 1inch as its newest withdrawal aggregator. Due to this development, its holders can perform instant swaps between ETH and stETH/wstETH.

The coin’s price movement has also grown, increasing 32.68% in the last month. As of today, April 10th, its market price is around $2.6. This indicates a price decrease of 9% compared to the previous day.

As a result of these mixed moves, experts predict a price pump of up to $4.36 in the year’s second quarter. While Lido DAO traders wait for this to happen, many presale projects arise, and investing in the valuable one will be a smart move.

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Raffle Coin: A Potential Titan in the Crypto Space

Many presale programs exist in the crypto world, but only a few can boast a 2000% growth potential, like Raffle Coin. Raffle Coin introduces a user-friendly platform that allows users to enter raffle draws and win amazing prizes. It practices a decentralized government, letting investors take charge of the coin’s future through their contributions.

Interested traders can participate in the Raffle coin presale and enjoy excellent benefits after signing up. One such benefit is the chance to earn a portion of the platform’s revenue, equivalent to the number of tokens the user holds.

Raffle Coin is currently selling at a discounted rate of just $0.020. This coin gives you the advantage of owning a potential blue-chip crypto at an excellent price. The coin has passed its token, and its liquidity is locked for life.

Click here to learn more about the Raffle Coin project.

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