Fezoo presale stages set new benchmarks attracting Litecoin & Ethereum Classic holders


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The cryptocurrency market is littered with investors yearning for a more rewarding experience. And there is currently a Decentralized Exchange called Fezoo in its presale stage, gaining serious traction, particularly from Litecoin and Ethereum Classic holders.

Despite recent gains, with LTC up 6.64% year to date and 16.5% in the last month and ETC up 62% YTD and down 5.4% in the last month, both groups might still be looking to optimize their holdings.

Let’s explore how Fezoo’s features can address their pain points.

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Why Litecoin & Ethereum Classic Investors Are Eyeing Fezoo

For many Litecoin and Ethereum Classic holders, traditional cryptocurrency exchanges fall short of expectations.  High transaction fees can significantly eat into profits, especially for frequent traders.  Additionally, limitations on control over assets and a lack of support for emerging projects like LTC and ETC can be frustrating for those seeking a more holistic investment experience.

LTC and High Fees on Traditional Exchanges

Litecoin, once hailed as the “silver” to Bitcoin’s “gold,” has seen a resurgence in 2024. However, many LTC holders remain frustrated by the high fees (often exceeding 1%) on traditional exchanges. These fees can significantly eat into profits, especially for those making frequent trades.

Fezoo offers a solution for LTC holders with significantly lower fees compared to traditional exchanges. This allows investors to keep more of their LTC, currently at $98.4, re-invest and potentially capitalize on future growth. Fezoo’s current presale price of $0.013 offers a chance to get in early before the public launch.

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Fezoo puts user’s first and removes any possibility of relinquishing your assets by giving users complete control over holdings. No more worrying about exchange hacks and random trading encounters.

Transaction Fee Hurdles for Active ETC Traders

Ethereum Classic has shown respectable growth, currently standing around $33.87 and some ETC investors might be looking for a way to navigate transaction fees on traditional exchanges, which can be around 0.5%.

Fezoo’s lower fees can help ETC holders retain their profits and potentially trade more frequently.

Similar to LTC holders, ETC investors on Fezoo benefit from user control over their holdings, security from hackers and centralization and the ability to make independent trading decisions. Fezoo’s passed security audit adds another layer of reassurance.

Fezoo: A Feature-Rich DEX with a Secured Future

Beyond lower fees and user control, Fezoo takes steps to ensure long term stability for its token, potentially benefiting both LTC and ETC holders.

For instance, Fezoos liquidity is locked away in a secure smart contract for life. It has limited tokens circulating in the market, which can help avoid price manipulation and instil investor confidence in Fezoo’s long term potential.

The current presale price of $0.013 offers a potential entry point before Fezoo goes mainstream.

While the presale offers a possible entry point, Fezoo’s features extend beyond that with:

  • Instant Deposits and Withdrawals
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Trading Bots
  • Support for many assets
  • Advanced technical analysis 


Fezoo’s focus on lower fees, user control, a wider range of investment opportunities and the potential for passive income positions it as a compelling alternative to traditional exchanges for LTC and ETC holders. 

Visit the official website to learn more about Fezoo and the shifting paradigm of DEX’s.

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