$FLOKI Is Up 200% This Week, and Still Rising – But Will It Be Flipped by This New GameFI Challenger?


Over the last few weeks, the crypto market was on a blistering run as the bulls ran rampant across all crypto niches. Then, suddenly, the music stopped and everyone went running for their chairs. Those who were overleveraged found themselves being escorted off the dancefloor, and memes were hit especially hard. Yet Floki Inu ($FLOKI) weathered the storm remarkably well, managing a steady increase despite the carnage, stacking even more gains on top of its already impressive 200% surge for the week.

Despite this admirable performance, $GFOX has stolen the spotlight in many crypto circles for most of Q1 2024. Analysts have described the memecoin as one with the potential to change the meme/GameFi niche.

How $FLOKI Surged by 200%

$FLOKI needs no introduction. Thanks to Elon Musk, the memecoin has gained vast popularity in the crypto market. $FLOKI was inspired by Elon Musk’s Shiba Inu dog named Floki. A “Floki Vikings” community has since grown across social media to build a strong ecosystem around the token.

On the first weekend of March,  $FLOKI surged by over 400% from its previous month’s price. As of now, the token is $0.0001596, with a 20% pump in the last 24 hours, while much of the rest of the market lies in shambles.

Analysts have linked $ FLOKI’s price surge to several factors. Top on the list is the token’s recent whale activity. Market data showed that about 28.19 billion $FLOKI tokens were transferred. It was reported that a “Floki Viking” bought $FLOKI tokens worth over $3.2 million. This indicates that major market investors have shown interest in the token. 

Another reason is that the team behind the $FLOKI project has proposed burning about 5 trillion FLOKI tokens. This is expected to reduce the tax levied on each transaction to 0.3% and encourage more investors to hold and trade the token. According to analysts, the success of the burning will lead to a 15% price increase in $ FLOKI’s current price. Early investors want to cash in on the proposed 15% advantage, so it’s no surprise that the interest in the token is growing.

Another factor that some analysts have suggested may have influenced the token’s price is its listing on the cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin. The exchange platform has over 20 million active users who have created a positive sentiment about the token and drawn more attention to the token.

While $ FLOKI’s recent price surge has generated optimism among traders and investors, not much has been discussed about its price potential. Analysts have stuck to their proposal of the factors that have influenced the token’s price but not the probability of a continued rise. Hence, there is no evidence of a price projection for $FLOKI based on recent market trends.

Is $GFOX a Better Alternative?

$GFOX is the native token of Galaxy Fox, a play-to-earn platform built on Ethereum. The token is currently in the presale stage and is preparing for its launch on exchange platforms. Throughout the stages of its presales, $GFOX has had a steady price rise with huge profits for early investors. 

$GFOX has become quite popular because Galaxy Fox provides several utilities for token holders. Firstly, $GFOX holders can earn passive income from Stargate by staking their tokens. Stargate is the network’s central reward hub and is evidence of a thoroughly organized platform.

Galaxy Fox also supports NFT trading by creating a marketplace for NFTs. The network plans to release about 3000 unique NFTs, which token holders can trade on popular platforms like OpenSea.

Throughout the 8 stages of its presale, $GFOX has shown a steady price rise. Analysts have proposed that the token’s launch price on exchange platforms will be $0.002904, a 450% return on investment for investors who bought $GFOX at stage 1 of its presales.

With its multiple utilities and reward network, Galaxy Fox is an opportunity for investors to contribute to the growing memecoin and GameFi hybrid niche while making passive income. $GFOX is the perfect alternative to other cryptocurrencies.

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Final Thoughts

As a result of their price surge, $FLOKI and $GFOX are trending in the crypto market. While $FLOKI has shown rapid movement over the last weekend, Galaxy Fox has maintained its unique appeal and price potential over the past few months.

With $GFOX, holders can earn passive income by staking their tokens through the Stargate reward hub and playing the Web 3 runner game. Analysts have also predicted that $GFOX has the potential to become one of the largest memecoins in the market. With over $3.6 million raised so far in its presale, the token has the potential to earn investors huge profits when it is launched. Join the league of smart investors. Join Galaxy Fox today!

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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