$FLOKI, $WIF, $PEPE and $GFOX Dominate Headlines as Meme Season Scorches


This cycle has achieved perfect confluence to drive memecoins to crazy heights. Floki Inu ($FLOKI), dogwifhat ($WIF), Pepe ($PEPE), and Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) dominate headlines as memecoin season scorches. Investors love fast gains, and crypto markets are open, frictionless, and borderless. Capital from all over the world rushes into the memecoin trenches, and nobody can imagine how wild things are going to look in six months. 

What cryptos to buy now? Time to jump into this cycle’s hottest memecoins and see why these tokens- once viewed as overly speculative gambits- are attracting an increasing amount of attention from sophisticated investors.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Gunning For $5 Million 

Galaxy Fox should be on every crypto investor’s watchlist as one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy now. Entering a memecoin presale during the meme supercycle is stupid easy money. This small-cap gem has shot past $4.5 million in its presale and is rapidly closing in on $5 million. To put this in perspective, leading memecoin $DOGE has a market cap of over $20 billion- there is a crazy amount of room for $GFOX to grow.

Powering its early success is Galaxy Fox’s unique design philosophy. Instead of releasing a classic single-dimensional memecoin, this third-gen project blends the best of the play-to-earn and meme genres. It has all the high-octane upside and an addictive Web3 runner game that pays out prizes each season.

Additionally, boasting an NFT collection, an NFT marketplace, staking rewards, real-world merchandise, a growth-focused Treasury, and a token burn. Galaxy Fox is packed to the gills with value accrual mechanisms and onboarding ramps integrated into this galactic ecosystem. Still yet to undergo its growth phase, this new entrant to the memecoin arena is easily a top crypto to buy now. 

Floki Inu ($FLOKI) New Underdog?

Floki Inu is a memecoin launched on the coattails of $SHIB named after Elon Musk’s real-life dog. It was the often-forgotten third member of last cycle’s market leaders. It is becoming an increasingly common response to what cryptos to buy now, given its market cap advantage over $DOGE and $SHIB.

With a $2 billion market cap, it is still 10X smaller than $DOGE, and a smaller market cap equals more upside. Memecoin investors love targeting underdogs, and $FLOKI perfectly fits the bill of an already-established token that holds latent upside potential.

dogwifhat ($WIF) Solana Frontrunner 

dogwifhat has become the leading Solana ($SOL) memecoin, and, similarly to $GFOX, is a new project. Markets have consistently preferred new tokens over old, and $WIF’s simple branding of ‘Hat stays on,’ alongside rampant on-chain degen support has continued to power this memecoin to new heights. Solana is the leading chain this cycle and $WIF is the leading memecoin on the network. It is an easy buy.

Pepe ($PEPE) Can it Flip $$SHIB? 

Pepe has to be one of the world’s most recognizable memes. Launched in the pits of the bear market $PEPE’s initial pump resulted from investor fatigue and boredom. But striking a new ATH has shown that $PEPE is ready to shine during this bull market. The third largest memecoin and already listed on major centralized exchanges expect it to become a natural vector for retail capital.

Closing Thoughts: Positioning For the Memecoin Supercycle

What cryptos to buy now? Mememcoins. Markets have already shown their hand, and this cycle, memecoins have replaced NFTs as the ultimate long-tail risk assets. These high-octane growth bombs are going to hit unseen heights and this is one train you do not want to miss. 

Galaxy Fox comes first from an ROI perspective, and while its competitors have multi-billion dollar market caps, it stands at a much more humble $4 million. All this means is way more upside! Join this galactic presale today. 

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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