Global Shift As Spot Bitcoin ETF Surges! BEER Pumps As Presale Sensation Shoots Up 60%!


Bitcoin ETFs are sporting significant BTC deposits after certain analysts called them out for not meeting their expectations. BlackRock’s IBIT leads the rest of the ETFs, as recent inflows pushed it past Gray-scale’s GBTC on Friday.

Beercoin (BEER) is one of the Solana meme coins making waves because of its social connections feature. Little does it know that change is coming in the form of a new meme token, Raboo ($RABT). The meme-verse is about to witness a revolution, as Raboo is bringing AI into meme creation.

Details on the new presale sensation in a bit.

Bitcoin ETFs start accumulating tokens

Early in the year, instructional traders were eager to try out the newly approved Bitcoin ETFs for trading. That sparked a huge rally on Bitcoin, one that most of the top altcoins benefited from. The spot ETFs were not so attractive after some months, though, as interest dipped significantly.

The result? Outflows, and loads of it at that. The ETFs had their worst run between April and May, causing a huge decline in Bitcoin’s price in that time. That is changing now, however, as reports show that the last few weeks have witnessed some inflows to the trading instruments.

BlackRock’s IBIT has accumulated over 302,000 BTC in its five months of existence, and it only just overtook Gray-scale’s GBTC on Thursday, June 6. The IBIT fund received a deposit of about 4,920 BTC to lead the ETF rankings. Bitcoin’s price is equally on the rise, as BTC is on 2.96% profits from last week. 

Solana‘s Beercoin joins top trending meme coins

The Solana ecosystem has been constantly feeding the crypto-verse with meme coins since discovering the prospects in the sector with BONK and WIF. BEER has joined its Solana-based counterparts, and its rise in the market has been quite the spectacle. 

Beercoin was incredibly well received by investors and traders alike despite having little comedic value or utility. As with most of the previous meme coins, one could expect a huge dip soon, but BEER is still keeping analysts in suspense. Beercoin doubled its launch price in about 24 hours on Thursday, keeping its holders optimistic.

There are bearish signs, though, as the overpriced BEER token might soon retrace. The trading volume is down by 25.6% in the past 24 hours, and the selling pressure on Beercoin is rising.

The meme coins are falling off now; most launch without plans or utility and end up delivering sub-par memes. The new meme project Raboo ($RABT) is sick of the meme situation, and a solution is brewing in the meme sector.

Raboo’s war on memes starts now!

With so many low-quality and unrelatable memes flooding the crypto-verse daily, Raboo has a lot of decluttering to do. But unlike other meme coins, Raboo is here with a plan–and the users are key to making it work.

Raboo will be fighting memes with, well, memes. The meme coins seem to have lost the script, and Raboo’s memes will be showing everyone how memes are supposed to look and sound like. 

That won’t be too difficult, especially with the Raboo users working alongside. Each member contributes to the $RABT project by holding their $RABT tokens and posting meme-worthy content on their socials. Then, Raboo’s generative AI crawls through the posted content, mixing and creating ideal, fun, and fresh memes out of the massive horde. 

Fun, right? As Raboo’s new memes hit the market, other memes lose their relevance, and Raboo’s community of meme enthusiasts keeps growing. As expected, users gain token rewards from the post-to-earn activity, ensuring that they are motivated to maintain meme standards.


Now, that’s what Raboo’s meme onslaught will look like. If you want in, the next stop for you must be the Raboo presale!

$RABT tokens are in their fourth presale Stage and are worth $0.0048 each. They are already up 60% from the first Stage, so you have to hurry and get yours before they rise again.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.



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