Hashkey Launches Community Airdrop, Sharing 10M HSK Tokens


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Hashkey, a Hong Kong-based digital asset financial services firm officially kicked off its community airdrop today, inviting users to participate via a mini-game on Telegram. According to the announcement, this initiative marks a significant step in Hashkey’s strategy to engage its user base and promote its platform token, HSK, ahead of its third-quarter planned listing.

Users can Claim Tokens by Playing Telegram Tap-to-earn Game

The airdrop, a popular method in the cryptocurrency space for distributing tokens to a wide audience, aims to boost awareness and adoption of the HSK token. The firm mentioned in the announcement that users can claim their tokens by logging into a Telegram bot dubbed DejenDog and completing the assigned tasks. 

This approach is designed to attract both seasoned crypto enthusiasts and newcomers, fostering a vibrant community around the Hashkey platform. In addition to the token redemption, players can participate in the DjenDog tap-to-earn mini-game on Telegram to acquire extra points. With this, Hashkey combines gamification with cryptocurrency distribution, making the process interactive and engaging for participants

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Meanwhile, Hashkey plans to distribute 10 million HSK tokens during this airdrop campaign. Notably, the airdrop is a strategic move to increase the token’s visibility and liquidity before its upcoming listing.

The HSK Token

According to the firm, HSK is crafted to comply with the ERC-20 standard, with a total supply of one billion units. The financial services provider specified that approximately 65% of the supply is designated for ecosystem expansion, 30% for staff, and 5% for a reserve fund.

Hashkey stated that the token would have utility in its products and apps. It was also revealed that the firm has the intention to buy HSK tokens up to 20% of profits from specific Hashkey businesses and then burn them from the token’s supply.

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Interestingly, HSK will play a role in powering Hashkey’s Layer 2 “Ecosystem Chain” by providing utilities like gas payments, incentives, and on-chain governance to drive the growth of on-chain users and assets.

Hashkey’s Continuous Impact in the Crypto Industry

Hashkey has impacted the crypto industry through various initiatives and partnerships. It recently inked a partnership with TON Foundation, a top entity in the blockchain ecosystem to boost the user experience for Telegram wallet users in the Asia Pacific region. This linkup is designed to help bridge the gap between traditional finance and digital assets for a smoother transition.

In May 2023, the company reportedly received $200 million in funding to explore new opportunities and expand its offerings in the crypto industry.

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