Here Are The Best Cryptos For Explosive Returns In June


As of June 2024, three cryptocurrencies stand out as promising candidates: Algotech (ALGT), Optimism (OP), and Fantom (FTM). These coins offer unique features and growth prospects that make them attractive in the current digital asset world. Here’s a closer look at why these three may be the best altcoins for next bull run.

From $0.08 to $0.15: Why Algotech (ALGT) Could Be Your Best Investment Yet

The Algotech (ALGT) platform is here, armed with cutting-edge smart technology and artificial intelligence to sift through mountains of data and market trends. This dynamic duo helps ALGT traders zero in on the best investments and tweak their strategies to rake in more dough with less risk.

The Algotech’s presale is full swing, and Stage 3 is flying off the shelves. Currently, ALGT tokens are a steal at $0.08 each, but come Stage 4, the price will climb to $0.10—a nifty 25% hike!

Analysts are buzzing that by the time Algotech hits the exchanges, prices could soar to $0.15, marking a jaw-dropping 275% increase for early-bird ALGT investors. But wait, there’s more! The current frenzy in the presale hints that Algotech might even blast past these predictions, making it one of the hottest coins in the crypto market.

Optimism Slips 4.38% Amid Mint Mainnet Buzz

Mint, an Ethereum Layer 2 network dedicated to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and powered by NFTScan’s robust data infrastructure, shared some exciting news as the second week of May 2024 unfolded. Partnering with Ethereum Layer 2 Optimism, Mint announced that its mainnet will go live later in the month. Mint is built as an EVM-compatible blockchain using the OP Stack solution, ensuring its data availability (DA) remains securely anchored to the Ethereum mainnet. This launch promises to enhance the NFT ecosystem with improved scalability and efficiency.

How did Optimism respond to the news? By the first week of June, OP had moved from $2.51 to $2.40, sparking a 4.38% downturn within a month. Can Optimism get out of the red zone? According to expert projections, OP is poised for a rebound and may trade at $6.44 by Q4 2024.

Should that happen, Optimism will have exhibited a 168.33% jump from OP’s value of $2.40.

Fantom Rallies 15.94% Post-GNUS.AI Breach,

The Fantom ecosystem project GNUS.AI (GNUS) recently suffered a significant security breach, leading to a loss of around $1.27 million, as reported by blockchain security firm Beosin as the first week of May 2024 wrapped up.

In reaction to the same, Fantom saw a 15.94% ascent by the first week of June as FTM rose from $0.69 to $0.80. Experts anticipate that Fantom will continue with this bullishness, with FTM’s value reaching $1.59 by Q3 2024. This then will showcase a 98.75% rise from FTM’s price of $0.80.

Fantom appears to be performing better than Optimism, positioning FTM at the top of 2024’s crypto bull run. With that said, ALGT does outperform the two.

Algotech’s Stellar Presale Raises More Than $500,000

Algotech (ALGT) has grabbed attention once more, raising $500,000 in a single day during its ongoing presale. The presale had already accumulated over $3.5 million in under four weeks. The global cryptocurrency exchange market, currently valued at over $45 billion, is projected to reach $110 billion by 2028. 

Algotech aims to be a key player in this expansion by introducing AI-driven trading features that level the playing field for beginner traders and allow them to compete with top institutional investors. Grab your ALGT tokens now for only $0.08 and stand a chance to earn up to 1000x ROI once the platform goes live on major exchanges.

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