Here Are Top 3 Cryptocurrencies To Watch For Explosive Growth



  • Experts are turning attention to Milei Moneda ($MEDA), which is primed to lead the next memecoin rally.
  • ONDO is projected to surpass its record peak in the coming days. 
  • Analysts predict THORChain (RUNE) will witness a 50% price surge by the end of June. 

Milei Moneda ($MEDA), ONDO, and THORChain (RUNE) have recently emerged as the altcoins to watch for explosive growth this season, thanks to their unique value propositions and unwavering commitment to decentralization. Read on to discover why these top altcoins deserve a prime spot on your watchlist! 

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Milei Moneda: A Profitable Investment Opportunity 

The cryptocurrency market is a dynamic landscape, with new and established projects constantly emerging and vying for investors’ attention. Among the promising tokens to watch for explosive growth, Milei Moneda stands out by uniquely blending memes, politics, blockchain technology, and anarcho-capitalism.

The presale of this groundbreaking memecoin has been a resounding success, with the first two stages completely selling out. Having proceeded to Stage 3, $MEDA tokens are available at an attractive altcoin price of $0.015.

This price point presents an enticing entry point for new investors, who can enjoy a 33.3% ROI when the Milei Moneda token launches at its projected price of $0.020 on Uniswap in the coming weeks.

As a tax-free and deflationary memecoin boasting a limited total supply of only 500,000,000 $MEDA tokens, Milei Moneda embraces scarcity and stability, ensuring long-term value and preventing excessive transferability.

This innovative approach to decentralized finance strategically positions $MEDA as a strong contender in the vast crypto market! 

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ONDO’s Growth Potential Attracts Whale Investors 

ONDO maintains its position as one of the top ten cryptocurrency crypto projects in the Real-World Assets (RWA) sector, securing the sixth spot based on the crypto market cap. As an RWA, it benefits from spillover capital flows, particularly amid Bitcoin’s ongoing price surge. 

Recently, crypto analysts have identified a bullish pennant pattern on the ONDO/USDT trading pair’s daily price chart. Once activated, this technical formation signals a potential bullish breakout. Speculations abound that ONDO may undergo a 2x rally, surpassing its record peak in the coming days. 

Moreover, ONDO has garnered the attention of whales. Recent On-chain data revealed that a crypto whale established a new wallet on May 16, withdrew 1,870.68 ETH from the Gemini exchange, and subsequently used the ETH to acquire 6 million ONDO tokens.

THORChain’s Bullish Momentum Expected To Continue 

After a week of bearish price action resulting in an 18% loss in valuation, THORChain staged a remarkable turnaround. RUNE experienced a significant surge in buying pressure, which sparked a strong bullish reversal, propelling the coin to an 8% price increase over the past month.

Despite a recent 1% pullback over the last week, crypto experts maintain their bullish outlook on RUNE’s future trajectory. Their optimism is fueled by the recent integration of THORChain-powered Swaps on the Cake Wallet exchange

Having outpaced 86% of the top crypto coins, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, with a staggering 441% price increase over the last year, RUNE shows potential for a 50% price surge by the end of June. 

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