High Expectations for Raffle Coin as Analysts Forecast a 40X Surge as Ripple & Ethereum Classic Investors Secure Early Access


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The Raffle Coin presale has become the top priority for many Ethereum and Ripple investors hoping to obtain the next 50X investment, surpassing the raffling community. Many serious investors who want to shift their money from Ethereum and Ripple projects to new ventures that have the chance to increase passive income have taken notice of their amazing staking terms.

Is an Ethereum ATH possible? 

As the whole crypto community is well aware, Ethereum found itself among the small group of projects that didn’t exceed their all time highs during this bull run. Unlike its big brother, Bitcoin, Ethereum only came close to touching its ATH, merely passing  the $4,000 line. Other than that, the fear of a market crash still exists and this could be a crushing scenario for Ethereum, as it is the first project to go down with Bitcoin. JP Morgan experts predict a $46,000 BTC post halving and that will probably lead to a $2,200 Ethereum, experts suggest. 

Many Ethereum investors fear this scenario, hence why they are searching for a new coin to shift their profits to. The latest trend tends to be in favor of Raffle Coin, as it has become one of the most popular projects within the Ethereum community. 

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The current price of $3,348 doesn’t look promising, as it’s currently testing its support line, which will likely be surpassed in the following days. From here, the next stop for Ethereum would be the $3,000 mark, where it can find itself very easily. 

Where is Ripple’s next stop? 

XRP has been showing signs of slowing down and regression as much as the next coin in line. Lately, it’s very hard to find a bullish segment on its chart, with a 12% drop over the last month. Many elements suggest a bigger drop is coming, with a lot of people on X calling their followers to sell while they can. We can see mass drama in the crypto world, with the smaller projects tending to produce more profits for investors lately. The fear and greed index is dropping every day, approaching a neutral market very soon. 

With the Bitcoin halving out of the way, Ripple investors can expect a slight drop in the price, as is the case with Ethereum investors as well. A price estimation for Ripple post BTC halving is very hard to give, although we can definitely expect a drop bigger than 20%.

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Why Raffle Coin? 

Given that Raffle Coin offers a big pool of prizes that include cryptocurrency, automobiles, vacations, clothes, and many other items, it might be the best choice for all Ethereum and Ripple investors. Their platform has been decentralized, and they take great delight in doing away with KYC verification. With 10% set aside for staking and 60% of the tokens released during the presale, the coin boasts incredible tokenomics. With just $10,000 down, you can join the VIP club and receive a wide range of benefits. It’s good to know that the audit was completed, the liquidity is permanently locked, and the team tokens remain locked for two years. Raffle Coin might eventually turn into a well-known cryptocurrency, but regardless of that, it has significant potential for growth.

Check out the official website of Raffle Coin to find out more here.

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