Injective and Worldcoin Price Retrace While Milei Moneda Presale Exhibits the Best Market Prospects



  • Injective could bring in long-term gains as the token pushes past a bearish period
  • Worldcoin dips 10% after Spain ban.
  • Milei Moneda’s innovative features could bring 100% ROI for $MEDA investors.

While many top crypto coins spiked considerably in February, Injective (INJ) and Worldcoin (WLD) failed to hit the uptrends in that period. Now, they are late to the party, although they are getting long-term bullish ratings from several analysts.

INJ has been the better altcoin all year, at least when compared with WLD, as it has moved from one peak to the next in the past ten weeks. INJ reached its highest value in January before smashing the record to set yet another ATH last week. Injective is setting a strong foot among the best DeFi coins in the market, and you might want to watch INJ in the next bull run.

Worldcoin has also been on quite the same trend as Injective. However, it has been put on the spot in several countries to curb the activities of the World ID feature on Worldcoin. Spain recently placed a three-month ban on Worldcoin operations, and there might be more to come. WLD’s price is hanging in the balance, and it might not be the best crypto investment for now.

Meanwhile, we have the latest meme project, Milei Moneda ($MEDA), offering a way back for crypto investors, as the meme coin presale could give 100% ROI by mid-year. Read on for more on the new meme project.

Economize Like Milei: Invest in $MEDA!

Injective vs. Worldcoin: ‘Slow but Steady’ INJ up Against ‘Under Scrutiny’ WLD

Injective experienced a price pump in January, crossing an ATH and making its debut on the Bitfinex exchange platform at the same time. Shortly after, INJ slumped along with the rest of the crypto-verse, falling out with the rest of the top altcoins in an uncharacteristic price correction period.

Like the best altcoins, Injective rose to new heights early in March, but it was belatedly breaking past its previous all-time high value to set another peak value. But while INJ constantly makes a case as the best crypto to buy in the market, Worldcoin faces some potential loss as the Spanish government slapped a three-month ban on WLD operations.

Even after appeals, the Spanish judiciary has upheld the ban on WLD. The Spanish ban follows a ban from Kenya, and Worldcoin is already under scrutiny from Germany, France, and South Korea. WLD went down 10% just hours after the Spanish ban, and who knows how many more will come in the next few months.

WLD was on a spree before the bad press came up, but now things are less positive. Injective is still steadily rising, and you might want to consider the top DeFi coin for the alt season.

But Milei Moneda is hosting a cryptocurrency ICO right now, and that’s where your crypto investments should go, according to seasoned market veterans.

Milei Moneda: Where All the Meme Innovations Will Come From

Meme coins have been characteristically for fun over the years, offering very little in the way of projects and innovative features. Milei Moneda‘s agenda features much more than that, though. With smart contracts on the way and exclusive benefits for the community, $MEDA is the crypto for everyone, beginner or not.

The meme culture is still alive and active on Milei Moneda, and the campaign for mass adoption of DeFi policies is at the heart of $MEDA operations. Milei Moneda is big on economic freedom for everyone, and its community members will be the first to enter $MEDA paradise.

There’s a slew of exclusive content laid out for $MEDA holders, including NFTs they can stake, monthly giveaway sessions, and discounts on crypto services. The members will also get rewards for proposing innovative features to further the growth of Milei Moneda.


Injective and Milei Moneda are your top choices for crypto investments in 2024. The alt season is upon us, so get your portfolios stacked with INJ and $MEDA tokens. The $MEDA presale is in Stage 1, and $MEDA tokens cost only $0.010. Stock up on some Milei Moneda tokens today, and settle in for 100% profits by mid-year!

Got $MEDA curiosity? Visit us or chat on Telegram for the inside scoop. Fast, fun, and informative!

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