Investors Excited About Solana and Chiliz, but Rebel Satoshi Steals the Spotlight

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  • Solana (SOL) is predicted to continue a downtrend and drop below $90. 
  • Chiliz (CHZ) to continue its correction and go below $0.080 shortly. 
  • Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ) sells more than 106 million tokens with a 120% surge during the ongoing presale. 

The market has corrected as the euphoria of BTC ETF dies down. Investors of Solana (SOL) and Chiliz (CHZ) are excited about possibilities and are looking for the best crypto to buy. In such a scenario, Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ) has stolen the spotlight during its burgeoning presale. Let’s understand why $RBLZ has risen above top altcoins such as SOL and CHZ. 

Solana Enters Sub-$100 Region as It Reveals Plans For 2024

With the Bitcoin Spot ETF getting the SEC nod on January 10, the market responded with a rally. The Solana (SOL) price also rallied as SOL went up by 15.3% from $92.66 on January 10 to $106.87 on January 11. Since then, the Solana (SOL) price has corrected along with the entire market. 

By January 19, the Solana (SOL) price had corrected by 12.4% to trade at $93.55. As the SOL price corrected, Solana revealed its trajectory for 2024. On January 12, Solana released its 2024 Outlook with the State of Solana Ecosystem: January 2024. The MultiBit Bridge went live on the Solana network on January 13. Solana’s Saga Mobile Chapter 2 went on pre-order on January 16. 

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However, experts are bearish on the Solana (SOL) token despite ecosystem growth. They predict that the SOL token will drop below $90 in the coming weeks. 

Chiliz Enters Correction After Rally as Network Crosses 10 Million Milestone

The Chiliz (CHZ) token was one of the few altcoins that had not rallied after the BTC Spot ETF approval. On January 10, the Chiliz (CHZ) token was trading at $0.072 and showed no signs of a rally. However, the Chiliz (CHZ) token entered into bullish territory as Chiliz made a slew of announcements.

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FootballCraft announced the roadmap for its football simulator built on Chiliz (CHZ) on January 11. The network upgraded the Chiliz Chain nodes to its latest versions on January 12. The Chiliz network crossed the milestone of 10 million transactions on January 17. As a result, the Chiliz (CHZ) token rallied by 52.7% to trade at $0.110 on January 17. 

Since then, the Chiliz (CHZ) token has corrected by 18.1% to trade at $0.090 on January 19. Experts foresee this correction in the Chiliz (CHZ) token to token. They predict the CHZ token will drop below $0.080 in the coming weeks. 

Spotlight Shifts To Rebel Satoshi as Presale Gains Momentum

Rebel Satoshi is an innovative project designed to bring about a revolution and challenge market centralization and the status quo. The mission of Rebel Satoshi is derived from the ideals of Guy Fawkes and Satoshi Nakamoto. Driven by this ethos, the Rebel Satoshi rebellion is going to be a community-driven one brought about by its Recusant members. 

The linchpin of Rebel Satoshi is the $RBLZ token serving as its membership and governance token. Rebel Satoshi aims to take the $RBLZ token to a market cap of $100 million. The contract for the $RBLZ has been made public by Rebel Satoshi, and SourceHat has audited it. 

The $RBLZ presale has entered the Monarchs Round 4 at $0.022 per token. The $RBLZ token has rallied by 120% from the start of the presale and sold more than 106 million tokens. When the presale ends, $RBLZ will surge to $0.025 with a rally of 150% from the start. 

Hence, experts consider $RBLZ as the best crypto to invest in now before its exchange listing in February. 

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram


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