Is The XRP ETF Inevitable? Bitcoin Hack Causes Investors To Flock To Raboo For Profits!


In crypto news, Ripple is in court against the SEC for charges leveled on activities in 2020. Surprisingly, that hasn’t kept the top altcoin away from the top 20 cryptos list. Instead, analysts are even talking of XRP ETFs! On the other hand, Bitcoin‘s (BTC) value dipped after a huge hack in a Japanese exchange. 

Ripple (XRP) is a tough decision, and Bitcoin has been unimpressive. But we have Raboo ($RABT) offering 100x gains during its presale after users have tapped into the 233% presale profit pool.

Of course, Raboo is about more than profits. We have some insight into the token’s plans.

Ripple ETFs could be a reality, too

It all started with Bitcoin‘s ETF approval in December; now we have Ethereum’s ETFs, too, and speculation is everywhere about the possibilities of Ripple ETFs. It’s still early to have the debate, but after Ethereum, you might have to agree that XRP ETFs are inevitable.

The Securities and Exchange Commission is still deadlocked with Ripple in court over 2020 sales of unregistered securities. The commission is holding out for a heavy fine and injunction against XRP trade in the US, and it is quite surprising that Ripple price is still holding out against the odds.

CoinGape detects signs of an incoming bullish move on Ripple, and maybe the XRP bulls are holding out for that. They have been holding the $0.52 support for a while now, and if all resistance at $0.56 is broken, Ripple‘s next stop could be at the dollar mark.

Hackers contribute to Bitcoin outflows

Bitcoin‘s extensive period of stability was cut short by some hacking activity in Japan. According to crypto news outlets, DMM Bitcoin reported a loss of over $305 million from the exchange, as hackers stole 4,502.9 BTC tokens during the week. 

According to some reports, the stolen Bitcoin tokens were spread into ten wallets. DMM Bitcoin has stopped unauthorized outflows, and even spot buys have been restricted on the exchange. The hack job ranks 8th among the biggest thefts in the history of the crypto-verse. 

And, just like you might expect, Bitcoin lost some of its altcoin price to the news. The crypto giant has already lost some dominance, thanks to Ethereum’s ETFs, and now it has succumbed to some 1.25% loss on its weekly timeframes.

Several Bitcoin traders have cashed in their deposits and are headed to where the profits are at.

The first stop is at Raboo’s presale!

Investor drain sees Raboo’s presale dominate crypto news

The crypto market has been volatile for many reasons lately, and Bitcoin‘s recent hack has seen even the best of tokens fall to the fluctuations. In the midst of it all, Raboo stands as a constant source of profits, and here’s why. 

Attention is turning to meme coins since many DeFi projects have yet to experience the full effects of the bull run. Raboo’s presale has gained a significant following in the crypto-verse, and the $RABT ecosystem is about to become a meeting point for like-minded meme enthusiasts.

The best part is that Raboo is also a community-centered token where its members are rewarded for their participation. The more you engage on Raboo, the more the project rewards you. Then again, how do you engage? 

Raboo has plans to circulate only the best memes for entertainment in the crypto-verse. It is an AI-backed project where generative AI will be employed to churn out quality memes. On the users’ part, they only have to post meme-worthy content on their socials, and the AI takes it from there.

The killer is, there’s a lot of users on Raboo, and the community will only grow bigger. The top meme coins can’t possibly compete!


Between making memes and rewarding its users, Raboo will be offering the best profits this year. You just have to be there!

The $RABT presale is on, and about to enter stage 4 of its presale where tokens will cost $0.0048 each. Grab some today, and start milking the post-to-earn features already. Experts say you could be up for 100x gains once Raboo gets listed on a top exchange! 

You can participate in the Raboo presale here:



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