Judge Orders Ryder Ripps to Pay Yuga Labs $9M Over Copyright Claims

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A U.S. court judgment has ordered Ryder Ripps and Jeremy Cahen, creators of the “copycat” RR/BAYC collection, to pay NFT Company Yuga Labs nearly $9 million. This decision follows a lengthy legal battle between the parties.

U.S. District Judge John F. Walter in his finalized judgment ordered Ripps and Cahen to pay Yuga Labs approximately $8.9 million in disgorgement of profits, penalties, attorneys’ fees, and other costs. The final penalty sum, which includes nearly $7 million in attorneys’ fees, was determined through a recent motion in court.

Origin of the Dispute Yuga Labs Dispute

The disagreement between Ryder Ripps, Jeremy Cahen, and Yuga Labs stems from allegations of intellectual property infringement regarding the RR/BAYC collection, a series of non-fungible tokens, and NFTs. Yuga Labs claimed that the RR/BAYC collection was a “copycat” of their own NFT offerings, leading to a prolonged legal battle.

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Initially, Yuga Labs sought a settlement of $100 billion in their lawsuit against Ripps and Cahen. However, as the case progressed through the courts, it became evident that the outcome would not be in favor of the defendants.

With the final ruling by Judge John F. Walter, Ripps and Cahen are to cough out approximately $9 million to Yuga Labs.

Understanding Judge Walter’s Judgment

This judgment highlights the significant financial repercussions of intellectual property infringement in the NFT space. Beyond the monetary aspect, the ruling also mandates Ripps and Cahen to surrender the infringing NFTs and transfer any associated intellectual property, such as domain names and smart contracts, to Yuga Labs within the next two weeks.

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The legal complexities surrounding NFT creations and intellectual property rights in the digital asset world have again been brought to the fore with this ruling by Judge Walter. It will serve as a precedent for future cases involving similar disputes in the expanding market of digital assets within the NFT community.

Implications and Future Considerations for the NFT Market

The judgment against Ryder Ripps and Jeremy Cahen has broader implications for the NFT market and its participants. It raises questions about the authenticity and originality of NFT collections, as well as the responsibility of creators to respect intellectual property rights.

Henceforth, creators and investors in the NFT space may need to exercise greater caution when developing and acquiring digital assets to ensure compliance with copyright laws and avoid legal repercussions.

Due diligence and legal compliance will be given top priority in any NFT-related actions by stakeholders as a result of this case, which serves as a reminder of the legal hazards connected to intellectual property infringement in the digital space.

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