Lending sensation Kelexo (KLXO) receives big Bitcoin (BTC) & USD Coin (USDC) investment as experts predict 25X in 2024

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Bitcoin (BTC) has started off February trading sideways after a topsy-turvy January, even as the spot Bitcoin ETFs were approved last month. USD Coin (USDC), meanwhile, has surged in adoption, playing a major role as an on-ramp and off-ramp into crypto and decentralized finance (DeFi). More recently, Bitcoin (BTC) and USD Coin (USDC) holders are parlaying their holdings into a newly-launched DeFi lending protocol that experts believe could turn in a 25x gain in 2024: Kelexo (KLXO). Learn while market analysts believe Kelexo (KLXO) is on the verge of a big run in 2024.

Bitcoin (BTC) Stuck in a Rut Since December

Bitcoin (BTC) saw a modest 3% increase this week, fluctuating between $41,500 and $43,000. Despite this, doubts persist about its sustained upward momentum. Since December 2023, Bitcoin (BTC) has struggled to decisively surpass resistance levels, with analysts dismissing a potential “double top reversal” pattern on the weekly chart, indicating concerns about a possible downward shift. In summary, although Bitcoin (BTC) experienced a slight gain this week, apprehensions about its long-term bullish trend persist.

USD Coin (USDC) Gets a Ringing Endorsement from JPMorgan

USD Coin (USDC) is the second-largest stablecoin by market capitalization, with $26 billion as of this writing. Unlike other stablecoins (*cough* USDT *cough*), USD Coin (USDC) maintains its 1:1 peg to the US Dollar and every USD Coin (USDC) token is collateralized by fiat USD held in institutions like BlackRock and BNY Mellon. JPMorgan analysts laud the rapid growth of USD Coin (USDC), which adhere to regular attestations of reserves. This strong link to traditional finance and regular audits make USD Coin (USDC) attractive in the DeFi space, where trust and stability are crucial.

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Kelexo (KLXO) Presale Breaks Past 5000 Holder Mark in February

Kelexo (KLXO) is fast becoming the hottest presale in 2024, as evidenced by the decentralized finance protocol breaking past a significant milestone. One week into February, Kelexo’s (KLXO) presale has already onboarded over 5000 holders, indicating serious buy-side pressure for the revolutionary decentralized P2P lending protocol even before it lists on exchanges. Market analysts believe its Kelexo (KLXO) token is poised to go on a massive run in 2024. From stage 1 launch prices of $0.022, Kelexo (KLXO) prices are expected to trade around the $0.55 to $1 range in 2025, when the next bull run is expected to arrive. That’s a 25x to 50x gain waiting in the wings for prospective Kelexo (KLXO) investors.

Kelexo (KLXO) will streamline the whole peer-to-peer lending process like no other lending protocol has ever done before. Lenders can effortlessly list their loans on the marketplace by setting desired terms with just a few clicks. Borrowers, on the other hand, can easily browse the Kelexo (KLXO) marketplace and find the loan that caters to their needs—all without long processing times and tedious KYC processes.

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