LImited Supply Attracts Uniswap & Solana Holders To Fezoo Presale for Possible 20X Gains Indicating a New Era in Crypto Exchange: Positions Still Available


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The limited supply of the best-known tokens has led investors to target other alticoins with market potential. Attracting holders of Uniswap and Solana, the Fezoo presale promises a lot in the cryptocurrency market. The possibility of earning up to 20 times the amount invested is what has attracted the most attention. But the platform also offers many other advantages for traiders who want privacy and autonomy.

After a 60% rise, Uniswap prices start to fall in April

In February, the price of the Uniswap governance token rose by an impressive 60%. But this month, the first signs of a downturn are beginning to appear, and the token’s current price stands at $11.21, with an accumulated drop of 10.26% in the last 7 days.  The price correction may have been an effect of the proposed update to the governance of the Uniswap protocol. Although the proposal initially led to an increase in UNI’s price, investors appear to be taking profits, which has resulted in downward pressure on the price.

However, the market is optimistic, and the cryptocurrency community believes that it will be a temporary correction. In the future, the growth of the Uniswap ecosystem may remain strong, and it is still a buying opportunity for long-term investors.

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Solana registers impressive growth and overtakes Ethereum in market interest by 2024

One of the main cryptocurrencies on the market has seen huge growth this year, surpassing even Ethereum in terms of market interest. According to data from CoinMarketCap, Solana was the cryptocurrency that attracted the most attention in 2024 in terms of volume of searches on the portal, volume of interaction on social networks, growth in interest and other metrics.

SOL saw an increase of 900% and attracted more interest from investors than Ether, from the Ethereum network. In many countries, the crypto is second only to Bitcoin when it comes to market interest. The token’s current price is $173.11 and despite the recent drop of 4.71% in the last 24 hours, growth in March was almost 27%. A sign that the coin is yet to reach its full potential.

Fezoo: The new decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform with passive income potential

Fezoo is a new decentralized exchange platform that connects traders from all over the world. It has entered the market with some interesting changes. Concern about security and privacy is at an all-time high, so the platform allows users to register with a username and email address without the need for additional checks.

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Fezoo is quite distinct from other platforms, especially centralized exchanges. It gives users full control of their funds. Fees are lower, deposits and withdrawals are credited immediately, and the VIP program offers more earning possibilities at its different levels.

All these advantages are available to platform users, but presale investors have more benefits. The current price of the token, still in the first of the six presale phases, is $0.013. FEZ pioneers will be able to earn passive income with a revenue-sharing system, where 50% of the fees generated on the platform will be divided proportionally based on their holdings. The potential return of 20% of the amount invested has attracted more and more investors.

Find out more about the Fezoo presale on this website.

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