Limited supply Pushd (PUSHD) coins are selling out fast after Ethereum (ETH) trading fund joins presale early


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A large Ethereum (ETH) stakeholder just made a large purchase of $155.7 million. This occurs as Ethereum gets closer to the $3,000 threshold. Growing confidence is suggested by the bullish trend in the ETH market which may draw institutional investors. 

Conversely, Pushd (PUSHD) is causing a stir in the decentralized e-commerce space by utilizing blockchain technology to facilitate peer-to-peer transactions. In an effort to revolutionize the $6 trillion e-commerce industry. Pushd (PUSHD) is now offering tokens for $0.11 with a presale phase in progress. Investors are keen to take advantage of this groundbreaking opportunity before the presale ends, as the restricted quantity of PUSHD tokens is selling out swiftly, establishing Pushd (PUSHD) as a leader in decentralized online commerce.

Ethereum (ETH) Whale’s Massive Acquisition Signals Bullish Momentum

In a surprising action, a major owner of Ethereum (ETH) has obtained a substantial amount of ETH, reaching approximately $155.7 million. This deliberate move occurs as Ethereum (ETH) approaches the $3,000 threshold, signaling positive sentiment among investors. The significant owner executed a set of cautious transactions, withdrawing 19,226 Ethereum (ETH) from Binance and converting 10.1 million USDT into 3,493 Ethereum (ETH) through 1inch. This confident investment strategy indicates the owner’s belief in the enduring value of Ethereum (ETH).

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As of now, the market price of Ethereum (ETH) is $2,906, up 3.69% over the previous day and an astounding 16.51% over the previous week with a 53.44% increase, the 24-hour trade volume now stands at $26.65 billion. These figures show that investor confidence is rising and they also emphasize Ethereum’s (ETH) durability and development potential. Due to the major holder’s substantial investment, there is conjecture that institutional investors may become more interested, which might cause Ethereum (ETH) to approach the $3,000 milestone.

Pushd (PUSHD): Revolutionizing Decentralized E-Commerce

Pushd (PUSHD) wants to change how online buying and selling works in the $6 trillion e-commerce market. Unlike usual platforms, Pushd (PUSHD) connects buyers and sellers directly. It uses blockchain technology to make sure transactions happen smoothly without interference from central authorities.

The ongoing Pushd (PUSHD) presale is currently in its fifth stage, offering coins at just $0.11. This presents a time-sensitive opportunity for investors to capitalize on a discounted token before the fear of missing out (FOMO) sets in. The fifth presale stage nearly sold out, underscores the growing demand for this groundbreaking token at an accessible price point.

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Pushd (PUSHD) stands out as a user-friendly platform, emphasizing simplicity and affordable fees. The system streamlines the vendor listing process, provides buyers the option to use their preferred tokens and does away with commission charges. The Rewards Program and a strong commitment to user advantages further establish Pushd (PUSHD) as a notable presence in decentralized online commerce.

As Pushd (PUSHD) gains prominence, it signals a change in the decentralized e-commerce landscape. Investors seeking promising opportunities in e-commerce should act promptly to secure their position in this transformative project. Pushd (PUSHD) combines simplicity, cost-effectiveness and community empowerment to reshape the future of online transactions, challenging the dominance of traditional giants like Amazon and eBay.

Find out more about the PUSHD presale by visiting the website here

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