LINK Crumbles As RABT and BRETT Climb Despite Crypto Crunch


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The crypto market has been unpredictable since the year began. Bitcoin’s halving and Etheruem ETF has affected the progress of some coins. While some have been negatively affected by these two events, others have come out unscathed and even shown positive trends. This general market instability has led LINK and BRETT investors into looking for new projects with a promising future, and that is where Raboo comes in. The new project is the best coin to invest now. It has raised about $1.8 billion since its first presale stage, and is predicted to reach 100x on its launch day. 

LINK Gains Value, Indicating Potential Major Breakthrough

LINK has experienced an unpredictable price trend since the year began. Recently, it has seen a significant increase, moving past the $12.96 level. Experts predict that if the LINK price continues to rise from this level, it could suggest bullish momentum. A popular crypto investor, World of Chart, shared that LINK was “finally heating up, still consolidating within the falling wedge. The more it consolidates, the higher it will break out.”

As of today, LINK is priced at 14.44 per token, reflecting a 2% increase in the last 24 hours. This uptrend has boosted investor confidence in LINK’s market trend. However The positive sentiment is not reflected by market analysts driving more attention towards AI backed coins like Raboo, questioning the optimism about its potential breakthrough.

Brett’s Price Rises Amidst Bullish Predictions

Brett has been making waves in the crypto world with its recent price surge. The rally began with a rejection of the $0.130 support level. Brett’s price then surpassed its resistance around $0.160, turning its supposed ceiling into a new floor.

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Open interest in Brett continues to grow, currently standing at $45 million. This indicates that investors are gearing up for more actions and potential price increases. As of today, Brett is valued at $0.1623, having increased by 16.2% in the last 7 days. The current uptrend has solidified investor confidence, and experts believe this positive momentum will continue.

Raboo’s positive price trend is not stopping anytime soon

Raboo is an AI-themed meme coin that uses social-fi and artificial intelligence features to encourage token holders to engage in exciting meme generating activities. The project prioritizes building a strong community of meme lovers and investors who are passionate about improving the coin.  

Holders can participate in daily or weekly tasks, and earn amazing rewards for completing them. The rewards you receive depend on the number of tasks you complete or your posts. The more activities you complete, the higher your earnings. Token holders can convert these earnings to real-life values. 

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Experts advise all investors to see every task as an opportunity to earn prizes and make significant gains. With a buy and sell tax of $0, Raboo provides affordable services that everyone can access. Raboo has more than 2,500 token holders and 8,000 registered users. The steady increase in the number of investors shows that it is the best coin to invest in now.  

The project started with a price of $0.003 per token in its first presale stage. It is now in its fourth stage of presale and trading at $0.0048 per token. Raboo’s price trend suggests that the experts’ prediction of a 233% increase is attainable. That is why investors from LINK and BRETT are advised to get on the presale rally now. 


The crypto world is home to a lot of new and old promising projects. But Raboo stands out for its AI-themed features and meme-generating services. It is no surprise investors from reputable projects like LINK and BRETT are rallying to get the presale token.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.



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