Litecoin Overtakes Bitcoin As Premier Payment Preference; Render Rival Gains Traction As a Strategic Investment


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The crypto sphere recently witnessed a surprising shift, with Litecoin (LTC) surpassing Bitcoin (BTC) to rank as the top token when discussing transaction payments. While Bitcoin was busy grinding towards a new ATH, Litecoin quietly dethroned it. LTC has stolen the spotlight as the top transaction token on one of the world’s leading payment processors, Bitpay.

The surge in popularity and demand for AI tokens has positively affected upcoming AI cryptocurrency platforms, including InQubeta (QUBE). The platform has been charging upwards throughout its presale, commanding impressive milestones while at it. Its exceptional performance has put it on the radar of top investors, with experts predicting its potential to outperform altcoins like Render (RNDR).

Let’s explore Litecoin’s recent achievement while discussing InQubeta’s appeal as a strategic investment option.

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InQubeta (QUBE) Flexes Potential To Outperform Giant Cryptocurrencies 

InQubeta is one of the AI cryptocurrencies that stormed the crypto market during the AI hype last year. The platform aims to allow retail investors to make money from the AI sector. They also plan to partner with startup AI companies that have potential and provide them with fundraising. One goal will feed the other because InQubeta will help these startups mint investment opportunities into NFTs. These companies will use the funds as venture capital as investors buy them.

InQubeta investors will profit while enjoying voting governance rights and passive income from InQubeta’s staking mechanism. The potential for the AI industry to deliver explosive gains by 2030 has boosted the appeal of InQubeta, making it the best crypto to invest in for investors looking to profit from the future of AI. Investing in InQubeta is not just a financial decision; it’s a strategic move to help you easily navigate the cryptocurrency market.

InQubeta has successfully raised $11.4 million during the crypto ICO of the QUBE token, proving that early investors are confident in the platform’s potential. The presale has sold over 878 million tokens, proof that QUBE is selling fast, and investors should get in as fast as possible. At the beginning of the presale, QUBE was priced at $0.007, allowing investors to position themselves at an early entry point. QUBE is now $0.0245 in the eighth stage of the event. 

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At the end of the crypto ICO, QUBE will be worth $0.0308, which means 20% returns for investors. There are predictions that QUBE will deliver a hundredfold surge after listing on exchanges because of high demand, triggering a rise in its trading volume. Although this projected growth might take time, presale investors will be up around 10,000%, making it the best crypto to invest in for long-term profits.

Litecoin (LTC) In The Limelight As The Top Purchase Token

LTC has rallied to achieve a 40% dominance as a payment method on Bitpay. According to the BitPay platform, BTC as a payment option currently sits at 24% dominance. This dominance is Litecoin’s ATH, dethroning the long-standing champion Bitcoin.

For Litecoin to command over 40% is a milestone for the token, and some of the reasons for this growth include Litecoin’s ability to execute transactions faster than Bitcoin. While Bitcoin was printing above old all-time highs, that doesn’t mean it was gaining widespread adoption for purchases. Litecoin’s dominance can also be tied to the fact that purchases made using LTC charge less than BTC, making Litecoin a pocket-friendly alternative to the leading cryptocurrency, especially for small transactions.

Final Thoughts 

Litecoin‘s dominance over Bitcoin in payment adoption proves that all the top tokens in the industry are achieving impressive growth and hitting milestones. Even new tokens like InQubeta have been gaining impressive traction as the market grinds higher. QUBE has been a strong go-to for investors looking to invest in blue-chip altcoins. Early investors could be making huge profits by the time the token launches. The presale is still available, with a 15% bonus on every purchase. Join the presale now!

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