Magic Eden Unveils TypeScript Update for Runes Protocol


Magic Eden, a big player in the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) ecosystem has announced a game-changing release: the launch of an open-source TypeScript library called “runestone-lib.”

This library is all about interacting with the Runes protocol, which lets you create unique fungible assets on the Bitcoin blockchain.

This newly introduced development is a major leap forward from when Bitcoin Ordinals was first launched back in 2023. The system allows users to digitally imprint media and text directly onto the Bitcoin blockchain.

In 2022, the leading-centric NFT marketplace made its mark with the launch of Magic Venture, its very own venture investment arm to focus mainly on Web3.0 gaming. This support for Runes marks an expansion of such innovative solutions.

Runestone-lib puts Developers in the Spotlight

Runestone-lib is a game-changer for developers using the Runes protocol, especially those working with JavaScript/TypeScript. It makes things so much easier by providing built-in support for encoding, decoding, and indexing of Runes.

This simplifies the whole process and makes it more accessible to everyone. It’s not just about convenience, though as it also fosters innovation within the blockchain community.

TheCoinRise media recently reported that developers have been facing challenges while building decentralized applications (DApps). SubQuery Network saved the day with the building of a more accessible and robust digital future powered by decentralized middleware. This will bridge the gap between blockchains and user interfaces.

Decentralization is essential in the Runestone ecosystem, so, significantly, Magic Eden’s open-sourced runestone-lib contributes to it. Having multiple client implementations ensures resilience and prevents any single points of failure.

Notably, the NFT marketplace tested runestone-lib extensively to ensure it’s reliable and follows the Runes definition.

Paving the way for limitless magic on Magic Eden 

Runestone-lib is a library that plays a key role in the Runestone ecosystem, while the Evolution of Runes Protocol is an exciting development that brings advancements to the Runes technology.

The release of runestone-lib is the start of a new chapter in the Runes protocol. This library provides a strong foundation and versatile capabilities, opening up endless possibilities for Rune-powered apps and experiences on the Magic Eden platform. As the community dives into this powerful technology, innovation is bound to soar.

Magic Eden was able to achieve this remarkable success despite embarking on a headcount cutback in its business in 2023.

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