March Rate Cuts Unlikely as Investors Turn to Emerging Tech



  • The Federal Reserve signals the unlikelihood of rate cuts in March, keeping policy rates unchanged after its first 2024 meeting.
  • Investors face disappointment as hopes for March rate cuts fade, leading to a market sell-off.
  • Analysts predict rate cuts may not start until June at the earliest, with the Fed emphasizing a cautious approach amid economic uncertainties.

In recent news from the financial sector, the Federal Reserve has delivered a significant announcement following its first meeting in 2024. The US Fed has put to rest speculations of further tightening in its monetary policy, hinting that rate cuts in March are highly unlikely. This decision, announced after a two-day Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) conference, has drawn considerable attention from investors and analysts alike.

The Fed’s decision to maintain its policy rate unchanged aligns with market expectations, holding steady at a 23-year high between 5.25% – 5.50%. While the Fed refrained from altering the policy rate, it notably removed the possibility of additional tightening from its decision text, reflecting a cautious stance amidst economic uncertainties. The statement emphasized the uncertain economic outlook and highlighted the Fed’s vigilance regarding inflation risks.

Investor Disappointment Leads to Market Sell-Off

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell reiterated the Fed’s position, indicating that the policy rate may have reached its peak. Powell expressed skepticism regarding the likelihood of rate cuts in March, citing the need for greater confidence in inflation trends before considering any policy adjustments. Consequently, investor hopes for March rate cuts were dashed, triggering a sell-off in the financial markets.

Market sentiments have shifted, with expectations now leaning towards the Fed maintaining the policy rate in March, with a 64% probability, according to money markets. Meanwhile, the likelihood of a rate cut has dwindled to 36%. 

Analysts, including Nancy Vanden Houten, a senior economist at Oxford Economist, echo Powell’s sentiments, suggesting that rate cuts may not commence until May. Vanden Houten emphasizes the importance of positive inflation news to bolster the Fed’s confidence in implementing rate cuts.

Analysts Predict Delayed Rate Cuts Amid Economic Uncertainties

Desmond Lachman, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), shares concerns about the Fed’s cautious approach, warning that delaying rate cuts could exacerbate economic challenges. Lachman predicts that rate cuts may not materialize until June at the earliest, citing looming risks in the commercial property sector and geopolitical uncertainties.

Satyam Panday, chief US economist at S&P Global Ratings, underscores the Fed’s data-dependent approach, noting that while downward rate adjustments are anticipated, the timing remains uncertain. Panday suggests that the Fed may wait for further inflation data before proceeding with rate cuts, projecting June as the potential timeline for the first ease.

Despite market speculations, the Fed appears hesitant to expedite rate cuts, signaling a deliberate and cautious strategy. Analysts at ING Group suggest that May, rather than March, is a more plausible starting point for policy easing, reflecting the Fed’s reluctance to rush into rate adjustments.

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