Meme Market Cooldown – Take Profits or Reinvest in $GFOX?


Several memecoin investors are now cautious about adding new memetokens to their portfolio, as a potential market decline of the tokens seems imminent. They’re considering two options to manage this situation effectively. One is to sell off their meme tokens to lock in profits made during the uptrend; the other is to diversify and acquire a significant amount of $GFOX, the new innovative token that has been making waves in the industry. However, several crypto experts are in favor of the latter.

Whale Activity Sparks Sell-Off Fear in Meme Coin Market

Many factors are responsible for the slowdown in the momentum of the meme market in relation to its performance over the past few weeks. However, crypto analysts highlight the activity of large wallet investors, called whales, as the most significant cause. Meme giants like $SHIB, $PEPE, and $DOGE were impacted the most, as these whales transferred a significant portion of them to centralized exchange wallets. This significant transfer is believed to have sparked negative sentiments among investors because it can lead to an increase in the circulation of these tokens, thereby leading to a decrease in their value.

According to top crypto-data tracking platforms, whales deposited $10.6 million worth of $SHIB and $PEPE to exchanges like Gemini,, and OKX. One of these whales, which acquired 15.2 trillion $SHIB tokens four years ago, transferred 200 billion $SHIB tokens to Gemini. The whale’s wallet still holds 2.6 trillion SHIB tokens, with an unrealized profit of approximately $129 million. Another whale also moved 500 billion $PEPE, worth $4.13 million, to the OKX exchange.

Other massive transfers of meme coins include the transfer of 150 million $DOGE tokens to Robinhood, a popular trading app specifically for first-time investors. Furthermore, Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, reportedly transferred 7 billion FLOKI tokens, valued at $1.92 million, to the Poloniex exchange.

The fact that these whales are moving such a significant chunk of tokens into centralized exchange wallets suggests that they are probably aiming to sell them soon. As a result, other retail investors now want to sell their tokens too. To corroborate this fear, tokens like $DOGE, $PEPE, $FLOKI are only up by about two digits this week, as against triple digits they’ve been doing for the past few weeks. $SHIB in particular is even down by about 3% in the last seven days.

$GFOX: ERC20 Gem Keeps Gaining Despite Meme Coin Slowdown

$GFOX is an ERC-20 based memecoin investors can rely on for incredible gains, even when the growth rate of other meme tokens is beginning to slow down. This is because the coin has excelled remarkably in its presale and is likely to increase tenfold by the time it is listed on exchange platforms, given its many use cases in profitable aspects of the industry, including Play-to-Earn (P2E), and NFT trading.

Galaxy Fox fascinatingly approaches the Play-to-Earn world by creating an endless Web3 game, which features in-game boosters to enhance competitiveness and rewards players with in-game prizes exchangeable with $GFOX.

The NFT world will also experience a notable impact from Galaxy Fox as it will introduce about 3000 NFTs to the industry. These NFTs will be mintable on the Galaxy Fox website and can be traded on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea. Galaxy Fox also has its native NFT marketplace, where Galaxy Fox’s NFTs can also be traded.

$GFOX comes with a unique feature that positions it for mega rallies in the future. One of them is the token burn mechanism. This is put in place to increase the rarity of the token, thereby inherently increasing its value.

$GFOX is one step closer to its launch, as it has just transitioned into stage 9 of its presale. Those interested in the presale can now buy $GFOX tokens at $0.002376 and anticipate an 11% increase on their investment when the presale transitions to stage 10. They will also enjoy potential gains in the future as $GFOX is expected to outperform other top tokens by soaring tenfold after hitting the retail market.



As the meme coin market cools down, investors may choose to sell their holdings to secure profits made during the market rally. However, due to the strong potential of $GFOX to succeed in the market, reinvesting it emerges as the best option to manage the situation. 

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